Poem: On Tamil Love

Words like love make him
cringe. Instead, like all
good Tamil folk, he adores.

Or is in constant adulation.
Imagining his lover as
a film star or a politician.

His heart is large, and she
is too thin. She must grow
larger he decides. Brings
her halwa everyday. Eat.

This Tamil intimacy, he tells
her must be devoid of love.
It is corrupted by burgers.
Instead like fermented batter.

They become different people.
Sometimes she is a zamindaar,
and he a devoted mother.


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0 Responses to Poem: On Tamil Love

  1. Deepika says:

    “It is corrupted by burgers.
    Instead like fermented batter.”



  2. IdeaSmith says:

    For some strange reason, this poem made me chuckle. Was it supposed to?


  3. Tamizh love and Alva. How lovely.


  4. well heeled says:

    oh how lowely!


  5. Nanyaar? says:

    happy blog day mentioned you in ma 5 new blog day persons post. 😀


  6. dipali says:

    Hmmm. Now we know why Khushboo is so popular down South!


  7. IdeaSmith: In all honesty, I was chuckling as I wrote it.

    Nanyaar: Many thanks!