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Ladies, for the record…

Ladies, for the record, the person that I am beginning to dislike is not YOU. I’ve had a few alarming mails and calls come in from some very dear friends, all demanding to know if I was referring to them. … Continue reading

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Poem: Winters, Summers And A Marriage

It was easy enough to decide that they would marry. They were in love, their youth wilting. Rents had gone up 12% in a year. Think of all the money they’d save. Of course he said, he loved children. And … Continue reading

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An Uncomfortable Dialogue

Voice in Head: You are not anonymous. Worse still, the person you want to whine and bitch about reads your blog. How do you then rant about a certain person’s behaviour? She’s after all a friend. You disliking her intensely … Continue reading

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Late evening rant, and tamil film music

I’ve written before about the wonderful Tamil Film Music from the 80s. I love listening to it. But I need to figure out which mood is the ripest recipient. Very often, it’s not the sheer loveliness of a song that … Continue reading

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Fair, lovely, handsome and blah!

Shah Rukh Khan is everywhere. Yesterday, after being assaulted with images of him sending out flying kisses to the audience during the cricket match, I gasped and grunted as today’s BBC Breakfast show did a little piece on an advert … Continue reading

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Yay! We Won!

Yay! We won! When Twenty20 first kicked off, I was very elitist about it. Without quite knowing as much about cricket as the next person, I babbled something about how it was going to kill the sheer beauty of the … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: Stainless steel and initials

Her Mother came with a rather empty suitcase. And a sullen expression. How else would mothers of about-to-be divorced daughters come? But contrary to Kamakshi’s expectations her mother is rather understanding. It was one thing to deal with the emotional … Continue reading

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