At Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

All this talk of birds, and the early arrival of the migratory birds to North India, prompted a visit to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. Compared to the usual national parks, it’s actually rather tiny. But it was a pleasure to walk for a few hours through the sanctuary, circling the lake and marshland, and not find a single piece of plastic wrapper. People don’t seem to picnic here, and that makes me insanely happy.

At Lali’s blog, she talks of the dwindling numbers of birds in the city. I’ve had a slightly different experience. About eight years back, birds in Delhi seemed to suddenly vanish. You had to really strain your ears to be able to hear the constant dawn chirping. But over the last three years, I suddenly sense an increase in numbers. I saw quite a few sparrows last time I was in Gurgaon. This year, and it is exactly the same season/ month, I see quite a few mynahs. Last year, there weren’t too many mynahs, but this year the number appears to have shot up.

I don’t know too about birds. I can recognize some, and the others I can only gawk at. Which means I am constantly surprised by what I see. Some birds so tiny that you could fit three of them onto your palm. Some so graceful. And some a sheer riot of colours. The show offs and the timid ones. It still surprises me that barely half an hour away from here, is a small lake which plays host to so many species of birds.

We also spotted some cows. Unlike your standard Indian cows that graze without care when human beings are near by, these ones suddenly stood alert, even though we were at least 70 feet away from them. They all stared at us, almost like deer. They looked so tense, that I wished cattle could opt for a shiatsu massage.


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  1. Lalita says:

    Um. Nice lot of pictures at the link, Neha. I half expected a link to my blog, but the birds made my day.


  2. Lali: Oh oh! That should have been a link to your blog – fixed it. 🙂


  3. Ojas says:

    Thanks a lot for mentioning this on your blog. I went to Sultanpur and enjoyed it a lot.

    Here’s what I’ve written –

    Thanks once again. You made my day(s).