RIP Pavarotti

RIP Pavarotti. I would have never been a fan of any sort of Opera but for the magical voices of Maria Callas and Pavarotti. Before I am told that they weren’t the best, and that there were better singers, let me state that it was their voices on shortwave in the afternoons that utterly captivated me. Without any introduction to Opera.

Pavarotti has an appeal that sort of crosses boundaries. How can you not love a voice that soars effortlessly? How else could an aria like Nessun Dorma become the theme song for the 1990 FIFA Cup? Art doesn’t have to become pedestrian to be accessible. It just has to stay beautiful. Sometimes, anyway. Here’s another beautiful, lively piece by Pavarotti with Domingo from La bohème.

With Pavarotti, even something as overdosed-on like Ave Maria becomes so special.

Thank you Pavarotti. You made many radio afternoons wonderful.


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0 Responses to RIP Pavarotti

  1. rip says:

    rip pavarotti 😥


  2. dipali says:

    Loved listening to him on this clip. Haven’t heard much opera, but loved watching Kiri Te Kanawa sing Ave Maria at the Charles-Diana wedding.
    What an amazing voice and personality.RIP, Sir.


  3. piggy says:

    that and miss sarajevo…