Airport Cat

The flight back to London was largely uneventful. However, I saw a few really bad movies. The inflight entertainment had a lot of good movies too, but I felt like I’d seen them all. Besides, the sheer pleasure of watching a bad movie etc. But more on that later.


At the Delhi airport, which till a year back sold only one thing in its duty free stores – liquor, is still undergoing major work. Which in a way is good. But I found myself tripping with laughter as a cat wandered from the check-in area, through the security check gates, and sat in a corner in the boarding lounge. When a few very shaky people in the lounge complained, a cop laughed and said “She’s here all the time. Nothing we can do about her.”.

The cat obviously had a litter of kittens hidden somewhere. She fearlessly strolled around, went inside the phone booth, meowed at the security check officials. Since it was an afternoon flight, the lounge was rather empty, and the cat gave me some company.

Last year, around the same time in the Delhi International Airport, I sat fuming. Bookless, too early, very sleepy and catless. This time however I had two fat books, and a cat to purr at.

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  1. Maybe the cat was travelling to London too…who knows.. *sigh*


  2. Wanderstruck says:

    One more question: What kind of camera do you have? Crystal-clear pictures 🙂


  3. Sneha says:

    I too am “allergic” to cats. I am allergic to their mission of making you scale newer heights of laziness.


  4. dipali says:

    Reminds me of TS Eliot’s Cats- a favourite of mine was Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat. Maybe we need a upgrade to Poocha, The Airport Cat!
    Keep us informed on the catallergical marital skirmishes:)


  5. I’m afraid that I, rather prosaically, have to side with Sri on this one. I was very allergic to cats, and still am slightly. Cats, like babies, elicit playfulness (strangely, at least for me, even big cats in the zoo — thank goodness for those fences). But the symptoms that follow are entirely biological. I begin to feel sick even if I don’t know a cat is there. Having said that, many people use the word allergy as a synonym for intolerance or dislike. I would ask him to get tested by an allergist (Sri I mean, not the cat), and if it comes up positive then would give up on the cat. There are many alternatives: stuffed animals, topiary cats, and friends’ cats to name but three. Cheers, BB


  6. The Empty Head: Without her litter? I doubt! 🙂

    Wanderstruck: Oh, these pictures were taken with the cameraphone. (Nokia 6280). The cameraphone is actually not too great, but if you manage to stand a decent distance from the subject, the photographs aren’t too bad. The other, high-res snaps are taken with a Canon S2 IS.

    Sneha: That sounds like a very suspicious allergy.

    dipali: Oh yes! Thanks for bringing up TSE. Must go re-read. 🙂

    Bombay Beauty: Sri will not really admit that he dislikes cats. I doubt the allergy is a real one. I like cats of all sizes. I really want to get that allergy test done, so I can sit in triumph and say “It’s dislike, not allergy.”.

    Apparently, there’s someone out there also breeding hypoallergenic cats. This little battle, is going to be so much fun.


  7. Lalita says:

    So your readers haven’t read Zizou Corder and Lion Boy? Talk about being allergic to cats. Me, I think people don’t like being judged by cats. There is nothing more cutting than a cat yawning at you.


  8. Vidya says:

    ok I have a Kadiful caption for your first pic..
    Yanaikku our columnaa poonaikku oru column.


  9. I says:

    cat-bomb security threat.


  10. mumbaigirl says:

    Welcome back. I hope they let the cat stay there for ever and care for her.


  11. MadMan says:

    Back to good ol’ London eh? 🙂


  12. Vidya: Ennale mudilai..