An Uncomfortable Dialogue

Voice in Head: You are not anonymous. Worse still, the person you want to whine and bitch about reads your blog. How do you then rant about a certain person’s behaviour? She’s after all a friend. You disliking her intensely shouldn’t affect your friendship with her.

Blog’s Advocate: You write a fiction fragment. You know, shift details about a bit. Not only do you get to vent, you also get a lot of comments.

Voice in Head: She’s not stupid. She’ll know. I mean the fiction fragments are moderately readable. She knows me better than just assuming that the larger circumstance in the fragment is really fiction. Aaarrggh!

Blog’s Advocate: Tell you what, you write one of your poems. That friend of yours probably skips them anyway. Better still, put up a random photograph with it. Nobody will notice.

Voice in Head: You mean nobody reads my poems? Hemph!

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0 Responses to An Uncomfortable Dialogue

  1. km says:

    LOL…I think this deserves a flowchart.


  2. Motley Fool says:

    🙂 Every Bloggers dilemma. Profound Insight – and the solution ? Still got to rant you know.


  3. R_K_P says:

    if you dislike her then u r not her friend, or atleast not really a friend….might as well say it and end the farce!


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  5. Yuva says:

    just change setting to block anonymous comments.. then such dialogue with take much more meaningful shape.. no?


  6. Nilu says:

    en intha Yuva ivlo makka irukkan?