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Jab We Met: Make it More Fluffy!

Okay, so the other film that I saw over the weekend was Jab We Met. I have mixed feelings when it comes to films with Kareena Kapoor. But Imitiaz Ali’s Socha Na Tha was such a wonderful watch, that this … Continue reading

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Katradhu Tamizh and a headache

I know I’ve been quiet for a little while. Very uncharacteristic. But moving on, I saw two films over the weekend. One of them was Katrathu Tamizh. I wanted to like this film. I want to like any film that … Continue reading

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Poem: An Efficient Love

Perhaps it’s because he’s so thin. That winter assaults his very soul. Shiver by shiver, he disappears everyday. She kisses him constantly. Her lips are chapped. His cheeks are sore. But they’re in love, and so feel compelled to show. … Continue reading

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Once upon a Tiger

There’s something to be said about the mind. It hops randomly between disconnected triggers, and out bulges a memory. MM’s post on fancy dress competitions brings me to this. Till a certain age, committing anything to memory was never a … Continue reading

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When Doris said Oh Christ!

The world would be wonderful if more people were as flippant as her. Doris Lessing is told that she won the Nobel Prize for Literature and she looks part annoyed and part tired. Lessing later said she thought the cameras … Continue reading

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Conversation of the Week

Babe of Bombay (BoB) and I have a brief conversation. BoB: I don’t speak Hindi. Never picked it up. Me: In Bombay? You didn’t pick up Hindi in Bombay? BoB: Even at home, I don’t understand what my parents say … Continue reading

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WTF: Male of the House

I admit I am looking forward to this film. Even as big shots in Hollywood declare that they’re strictly off making movies with women in the lead, there seem to be at least some films with women in focus in … Continue reading

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