Poem: An Efficient Love

Perhaps it’s because he’s so
thin. That winter assaults his
very soul. Shiver by shiver,
he disappears everyday. She
kisses him constantly.

Her lips are chapped. His cheeks
are sore. But they’re in love,
and so feel compelled to show.

In the middle of a cuddle, he
abandons her for a book, “I
must figure out how we
can kiss Pareto Efficiently.”.

PS – This poem makes little sense. Sitting in class, my mind wanders somehow. Perhaps there is after all, immense poetry in Economics.


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0 Responses to Poem: An Efficient Love

  1. Vi says:

    *tilts head in curious confusion*


  2. Amit says:

    Making the most of
    a limited frame.
    A single shot
    Worth a timeless journey,
    Pareto said.

    And he said, Pareto
    is a God, and I,
    a follower. An economist
    says, an economist understands

    btw.. it makes a lot of sense! 🙂


  3. Nilu says:

    Padikkama enna poem vendi kadakku?


  4. ManojVasanth says:

    Love and Economics!! Today its well related to each I guess..

    Love Depends on Economics of Lover
    Economics Depends on Love for Subject 😛

    well written..Keep smiling


  5. Eduardo Jezierski says:

    Great presentation on new media at Global Symposium +5 that I’m wathcing now!
    I wonder what kind of poems would come out of these wonderful attendees.
    And to correct you – you *were* twittered during your prez.


  6. Aarthi says:

    Oh! Its a brilliant poem.
    If you scribbled it down in the middle of an economics class (which is the image I conjure up with this poem)…more power to you!
    Great job.


  7. Keith says:

    Have had a statistics class yet ? Now theirs a class to write some good poetry !!


  8. Lotus says:

    lol, you know, I read an article in “Wired” a long time ago about how geeks make such great lovers because they are not embarrassed to study and learn the techniques of kissing or making love. Somehow your poem reminded me of that article! Beautifully written btw!


  9. wendigo says:

    i like this poem. romantic, vivid, and funny too!


  10. jillumadrasi says:

    Nilu Mama sollaradha kettuko.


  11. Ana D-P says:

    Hi Neha,

    Am an avid reader of your blog, but have never commented on it before.
    just wanted to kw where u’ve vanished?? .i really miss my usual fix of within and without…….


  12. CJ says:

    This is a BAD poem.


  13. Nova says:

    Lol!!! That was a fun read! 🙂