Katradhu Tamizh and a headache

I know I’ve been quiet for a little while. Very uncharacteristic. But moving on, I saw two films over the weekend. One of them was Katrathu Tamizh.

I wanted to like this film. I want to like any film that goes a bit beyond the usual formula. I suppose the story had some promise at some stage. But somewhere along the line, one cliché after another hits you, and after the first fifteen minutes you pretty much know where all this is leading. If you think about Tamil films, the categorization till a while back was very clean. A film was first of all a City film or Village film. Which meant that the storyline would be predominantly set in an urban or rural setting. Of late though, there’s been a lot of films that go the mid-way. Films that are typically set in cities other than Madras – usually Madurai. (Film makers love Madurai.)

Then there’s the second categorization – it’s either a Comedy, Tragedy, Love Story, Action or Family film. If you really want to break this mould – get a coherent storyline first.

The premise is interesting. A young boy sees one death after another – each time losing a loved one, symbolic of some sense of security and stability in his life. This simultaneously makes him sensitive to what others say to him, and insensitive to others’ right to rant or live. So he goes on a killing spree. In all this, there’s just one character – a girl who he befriended at the age of 7 who is symbolic of his innocence.

The funny thing is, if this film had been executed well – you’d have felt some sympathy for the protagonist. Instead you just find him irritating. For one thing, his understanding of economics and markets is so poor, that you first want to hand him a textbook. I mean if you really want a person to rant well on screen, you need to do your homework first.

So there’s this scene where he bashes up a BPO employee because he doesn’t like the fact that the call centre guy puts on an accent and a fake name at his workplace. And because he makes a lot of money. In an other cringe worthy scene he walks into someone’s office and starts rambling rather loudly about why the other guy is making so much money.

What makes this man so homicidal? Why is he so frustrated? He’s actually capable of getting a decent job given his language skills. What does he want? (Apart from a haircut, or a shave?)

At some point, he decides to kidnap a man with a camera, and tells all on the tape. How he killed, and why he killed. He then proceeds to submit the tapes to some news channel. He then tries to escape the police. Err..

You really want to portray the frustrations of people who find that studying Tamil doesn’t really land them with a decent job, or that there is a big mismatch between their idealism and the ways of the world – watch Varumayin Niram Sivappu. The worst thing in the world is to start watching a film, and then within half an hour, begin to wonder if it’ll ever end.

This film is so bad, you can’t even review it.


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  1. Jupe says:

    Oh thanks !! You saved me 2 pounds…You could have checked out Ammuvaagiya Naan – its ‘different’ too and in a more palatable way…But i’d still recommend you to watch just the potboilers from Kollywood… Paisa vasool anyday !!

    ps: Btw, what was the other movie you saw over the weekend? and where do you get your CDs from? Wembley?


  2. rads says:

    🙂 I empathize!

    ..but Varumayin movie was a good movie wasn’t it? I mean, It had Kamal and Sridevi in it. But then again, I saw it in the 90’s and I was in love with him, don’t remember much of the movie now, apart from the hunger, jobs searches and this one particularly supposedly moving yet digusting scene where he digs up an apple from the sewer.


  3. WA says:

    Woman you have a lot of patience to be watching these movies, thanks for saving the rest of us from the torture.


  4. Giridhar says:

    Finally i find a blog that shares my view abt this movie…


  5. Grasshopper says:

    Neha, why dont you go out of town for a breather? I love your travel blogs. Or, why dont you watch some old hindi films and post the songs?


  6. bombaydosti says:

    hey, am confused!
    you meant that varumayin is a movie that cant be watched in full or was this only about kattrathu?
    because, varumayin is one of my favourites.
    confusion enhanced at rads comment.
    so please do clarify!

    do remember bits of varumayin niram sivappu, a personal favourite,being the scene where the painter puts different colours on his canvas. And there comes the red colour, and therein comes the name of the movie.
    so if yours was a criticism on that movie, lady, it hurts 😦


  7. Nilu says:

    ellarum orre jollu


  8. Jupe: I saw Ammuvaagiya Naan. Unfortunately, I spent so much time cringing, that I didn’t end up seeing the movie properly. I am a potboiler fan. I think it’s easier to get away with a bad film that is “different” than a mediocre potboiler. And CDs from EastHam. 🙂

    rads: Varumayin Niram Sivappu (VNS) was a wonderful film. I loved it.

    WA: Yes, I am a saviour. What to do. You must get some return for all the lunches I extort out of you no?

    Giridhar: Umm..

    Grasshopper: With classes in full swing, a breather seems largely impossible. But perhaps all I really need to do – is stop cribbing about the changing weather and go for a long walk.

    bombaydosti: Amaidi.. Amaidi.. I love VNS. (There, I’ve said it twice in the comments now.) The film, for all its melodrama, was near perfect.

    Nilu: Enne.. poramai aa?


  9. jillumadrasi says:

    actually I had trouble watching Varumaayin Niram Sivappu after all these years. I mean like the rest of you I like the fact that it stars Kamal, idea or paarpan becoming ambattan etc. is good, but it is touch to watch now…

    So if this KT is worse, it must be unwatchable despite what Chen says…


  10. Dumeel-Kupam-VaVaL says:

    Have not watched katradhu tamizh, so i am not at liberty to make judgement.
    This movie stars Jeeva. Word in the industry is that this guy is versatile.
    I would not go so far as to call him Tommy Lee Jones.
    Although from his recent string of films i must say that this guy can act to a certain degree, and i have not turned off his movies before they ended. Yet.
    Judging from Mrs.Neha’s post, i’m assuming all he needed was a steady source of income.
    Why didn’t he look for a Job in a musical instrument shop like Shreeya does in Sivaji?She studied tamizh in that movie and apparently that’s why she worked in that shop.
    And did he go to temple like a good boy so he could be spotted by a female NRI “Computer Software Architect” who had just returned from America to Chennai to donate her hard earned wealth for providing the below-the-povertyline population with decent tertiary education and sanitary health service for free?
    Instead he choose not to have a haircut,shave and probably a bath too(Which apparently in the studio he can get for free) and go cause Grievous Bodily Harm to some poor poser who has to pose to make a living so that he can put his brother through Engineering college, get his sister married, save some money for grandma’s operation, retrive mum’s jewellery from the pawn shop, did i miss anything?
    Just to conclude i must say that there are only two themes in Tamil Movies
    1) Love
    2) Rowdy-ism( Hope that is a word and i spelt it correctly)
    Everything else are sub-themes revolving around these themes.
    Apparently it is not because we tamizhs are only two Dimensional and scope of creativity is limited to these two themes, but because the a substantial heap of tamizhs can only comprehend these themes.Anything else is garbage.

    Anyway what do i know about the fine arts?
    i’m just a bat living in a slum