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Poem: Woman from Yesterday

He’s playing with his food, and telling her about this very intelligent (and so deliciously funny) woman he met yesterday. She nods, enthusiasm glinting in her eyes. He tells her even more about this woman, so so so funny. He … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: On being an adult

She thinks to herself, that this definitely must be a sign of adulthood and independence. Office-going, rent-paying, buying one’s own soap, and a somewhat ill-stocked fridge. She smells the stale air of her barely lived in flat. That, she felt, … Continue reading

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A rant on Writing

A few days back, Ideasmithy asked a few people about their thoughts on writing. I didn’t respond for a while, not because I didn’t have the time to, but it suddenly brought back a whole new word back into my … Continue reading

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One confession and a wonderful find

Confessions make sense only if you know the real nature of the sin. So here’s it. At one point in time, I read every available book in the Sweet Valley High series. I don’t know why. I am considerably ashamed … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: The secret world of someone else’s Inbox

It wasn’t her fault. When he sent her songs he downloaded on iTunes, he unwittingly supplied his password. The songs weren’t that great really. On their own, they were beautiful numbers. But because her sense of superiority didn’t allow her … Continue reading

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On Bibliographies

Dear Random People, I realize that you worked on your paper day and night. And that it’s hard to think straight in the last minute when you finally compile your bibliography and reference list. However, it’s annoying to see when … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: On Boredom

He tells her he is genuinely bored. That this is not the angst of early 20s, or the intellectual smugness of being 26. It has now descended into absolute boredom. One is forced to wonder if boredom strikes when the … Continue reading

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