Poem: On the lack of Autumn

He sends her pictures of autumn
Trees dripping gold and red,
carpets of colour in the park.

She remembers this from her
childhood. Municipality workers
sweeping the streets every
morning. Clearing the leaves.

Rising dust left to graze. The
beginning of coughs and colds.

She sits in London. Where
autumn is a joke or a fashion
season. An overnight fad.

Here, the trees are naked and
the government rather efficient.
The fallen leaves disappear
between seven and eight AM.
Winter, is already here.


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0 Responses to Poem: On the lack of Autumn

  1. Broom says:

    If winter is here, then Spring is next. Rejoice!


  2. Nilu says:

    Out of form-a?


  3. SM says:

    My sentiments exactly!!! I visited London and was all excited about experiencing the “colours” of autumn…took back one photograph of sightly red leaves on a wall…found it after a lot of searching…pah!


  4. choxbox says:

    come to our street. the leaves are still there when we head out for school and they get a good stomping from the kids.


  5. ??! says:

    Ah, but London is not England. Elsewhere, leaves still lie, waiting for you to crunch them underfoot.


  6. Lalita says:

    Hmm. You should have made up your mind if it was going to be a story or a poem. The first seven lines led up to some promise and did not deliver, somehow.


  7. guruprasad says:

    i don’t understand why a poem should deliver anything – a story or poetry?

    a poem just mirrors the world through our own mind. and if it doesn’t make sense to someone then its not surprising. it just shows that theyare not able to read your mind. which is not such a bad thing, considering 🙂

    but then sometimes a poem can speak the feelings which words usually fail to describe. and a poem, like a picture, means different things to different people. (so to some people it might mean an aborted story!)



  8. Broom: A positive thinking exercise?

    Nilu: Slightly. 😦

    SM: Count yourself as lucky. You got at least that one elusive photograph!

    choxbox: Marvelous. Now, do you mind telling where you live? 🙂

    ??!: Ah, but one is stuck here for a while. What to do?

    Lalita: True. But I forgive myself. 🙂

    guruprasad: But what did you think of this specific one? Hhmm?


  9. Mahen says:

    There, the trees have time to go naked, but in some places, the trees are stripped off everything before they do it their way. A good piece here.