On Bibliographies

Dear Random People,

I realize that you worked on your paper day and night. And that it’s hard to think straight in the last minute when you finally compile your bibliography and reference list. However, it’s annoying to see when you write Google.com as one of your references. It’s like writing “Library Catalogue” in your bibliography. It makes very little sense, and isn’t very helpful. If you do think Google changed your life and the direction of your academic paper, please at least let us ignorant ones know what exactly you googled for.

I can’t say this to your face. I don’t want you to hurt your feelings.

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0 Responses to On Bibliographies

  1. Moksh Juneja says:

    Used to be doing the same thing! But then I added Google in Acknowledgments!!


  2. Nilu says:

    Which is why, in avar country, we don’t cite sources.


  3. Firstrain says:

    Haahaahaa! πŸ˜€ Truly scientific way of citation – just cite every indexed webpage on the internet! :O


  4. guruprasad says:

    how come you missed out wikipedia…. which is increasingly becoming the port of first and only resort of every student wanting to sound literate with the least effort?


  5. km says:

    Better than citing MSN search, I say.


  6. Moksh Juneja: Thank you! No hard feelings!

    Nilu: err..

    Firstrain: Yes, the mind boggles. Seriously.

    guruprasad: Also true! But let’s say wikipedia is in a sense more self-contained. Even if ever changing. But it’s like saying you consulted an Encyclopedia – without quite mentioning the edition. πŸ™‚

    km: You think?


  7. bablu says:

    hi mind boggles. Seriouslyand If you do think Google changed your life and the direction of your academic paper, please at least let us ignorant ones know what exactly you googled for.


  8. Ottayan says:

    Maybe they googled some random words, which they later forgot. πŸ™‚


  9. Arun Pillai says:

    Before i get to the content, i should cite my source of getting here -> featured blogs category in abnol[dot]org. Thought there would be something out here, for this space to get featured. Now am convinced πŸ™‚

    To the point >agree that one can’t use google as a ref in places like bibliography and it can be annoying as you mention.

    But think about it this way ? Anyone out there, who haven’t tried/used google or their services in some forms (let’s keep google search aside) ? Am doubtful if someone says so.

    Even when i surf your page, i understand you subscribed for AdSense, someone else would have made their hands dirty at Analytics/App’s and the list goes on. Simple reason being – they work very well to know what a layman needs and how to make them available at their fingertips.


  10. Shefaly says:

    At least for one source of “information” on the web, there is a distinct way (now) to cite references – the blog:


    However one has to wonder about both the path of the discipline of academic enquiry and intellectual honesty in a technology-enabled age when somehow such citations (sic) are considered acceptable, at least by the writer, if not the reader.


  11. Twisted DNA says:

    LOL. Most of the times when I search for something, the answer is right in the little summary in the search results, sparing me the trouble of actually clicking on the link. Would it then be appropriate to mention google as a reference in that case? πŸ™‚