Fiction Fragment: The secret world of someone else’s Inbox

It wasn’t her fault. When he sent her songs he downloaded on iTunes, he unwittingly supplied his password. The songs weren’t that great really. On their own, they were beautiful numbers. But because her sense of superiority didn’t allow her to appreciate someone else’s taste, she quickly forgot about them. But the entire transaction allowed her to snoop on him. She accidentally entered his username and tried the same password. Well, not really accidentally. But we’ll allow her some pretense of indifference.

His email box opened up an entire secret world to her. She was almost addicted to his email exchanges. There is a certain deliciousness in the banality of others’ conversations. So, he was simultaneously flirting with three women. Each of them guilt ridden. Each of them even more predictable than the other. Each of them grateful for his attention. She giggled when she saw how much of a copy-paste job most of his emails were. He was a thought-robber. He would steal a thought from one conversation, and introduce it most casually in some other conversation with another woman.

His email was what she checked the first thing every day. His simultaneous lives. So to Woman1 he writes that he was really hungry, and had only an apple in his house. To Woman2, he says he’s profusely thankful for the wonderful home cooked meal. All on the same night. Like he had different compartments in his stomach and heart for Woman1 and Woman2. Woman3 was reserved for rants and random childhood memories.

Even more interesting were the reminders from banks. Or saved shopping lists from the grocer’s website. Just an apple? Liar!

She suddenly realizes why her own mother would try to listen in on her phone calls. It had little to do with what the conversation was about. It was out of her boredom with her own life. Or a very urgent sense of curiosity. Or maybe something else altogether.

But she wishes he would realize that someone was prying into his inbox. Everyday, she tells herself that she ought to stop wasting time on the pointlessness of someone else’s life. She after all has her own life’s banality to deal with. If he would only change his password or something. She’s tried dropping a few hints. Like not marking the mails as unread. Or randomly deleting emails. But trust a man who’d give away his password to not realize that somebody was trampling all over his delicate flirtations. Maybe she should just delete his email account. That would take care of everything.

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  1. Sneha says:

    Ya. And blog surfing and Google reader addiction is also somewhat similar isn’t it? One is private and the other is not, I know but still there is a similarity. Most blogs that I follow are mostly boring, but I do read them religiously. Probably coz I have nothing better to do or maybe coz I am addicted to the peeking into other worlds and other views.

    And btw, some lovey-dovey gooey couples have a “joint” email a/c, so you’re never sure who (all) you’re talking to!!! Eeww eww


  2. Rajesh R says:

    Creepy akka. Am sure this woman is you.


  3. Lovely! much evil pleasure the last line brings. πŸ™‚


  4. Lekhni says:

    You should also add the part about how she rationalises her snooping by saying it is really his fault for being careless enough to give away his password. Maybe her snooping on him is his divine retribution for his deceit with those women πŸ˜› Maybe she should actually write to those women and undeceive them πŸ™‚


  5. rads says:

    Maybe she should just delete his email account. That would take care of everything.

    Wicked! ROFL wicked! πŸ˜€


  6. rohitra says:

    That nondescript site where you ordered flowers/cake/software/whatever and forgot about it. They store your username and password in clear text and they also have your email address and someone in web development has a lot of time on their hands.
    On a more geekier note:


  7. Hawkeye says:

    you forgot to add ‘maybe i should send an abuse mail from his account to his CEO’. that would really take care of “everything” πŸ™‚


  8. bhumika says:

    Came across ur blog a couple of days back and really enjoy reading your posts. This one’s really wicked. Both of them were cheating, just the ways differed.


  9. Twisted DNA says:

    OH MY GOD, you are reading my emails!


  10. aparna says:

    omigosh! know what, i did that with…u know who….horrible, horrible me! but how beautifully you’ve put foth all that is in my head…:) . loved it to the bits.


  11. Vidya says:

    Yay you are back, in signature style (after you subjected us to that boredom fragment!)


  12. Prabhjot bedi says:


    I have had the pleasure ( & still live with the guilt) of having done this.

    You nailed it!


  13. Ravages says:

    Hmmm…sounds like somebody I know – the careless email boy.


  14. choxbox says:



  15. Bhaskar says:

    I thought I was the only one… you liberated me!! πŸ˜‰