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Poem: On the sadness of others

You see her, quiet as a cat. Curled into herself. Eyes soft like feline paws. Closed, clawless and keeping the breast from shivering. Nothing emanates. Not even sadness. It is then, that you realize, with wonder, that certain people learn … Continue reading

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Poem: Vegetarian Wanderlust

She’s always wanted to travel. Flipping through inherited copies of National Geographic, this island there and that mountain here. By the shores of an unpronounceable country. Or gaping at some supposed temple built 2000 bloody years ago. At nine though, … Continue reading

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Taare Zameen Par

I didn’t what to expect of Taare Zameen Par. But I can tell you this, I hardly ever cry when I am watching films. I am too much of a cynic really. But I found myself sobbing a few times. … Continue reading

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3 days in Malta

Three days in beautiful Malta. In a lovely hotel, with a huge balcony overlooking the sea (and a casino). On the first day I said something dutifully flippant like how we were mostly lucky with our vacations. As I was … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: In his letter, was a Ghazal

His love letters survived longer than their relationship. He never quite mastered the art of sleeping during lectures, and hence subjected their tender love to mundane analogies, breathlessly articulated in his letters. He once used the word soliloquy. She had … Continue reading

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Poem: On anklets and sweets

This is familiar. The clanging of small bells, except that I remember it on tiny feet. You and me, itching in our silk, hungry and waiting. For the damn wedding to be finally over. So we could eat. Patting my … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: All about Broccoli

What is one to do when vegetables lose their character. She was prepared for the bigness of everything before moving to the US. She’d seen enough documentaries on everything being supersized and on strange gun laws. But for vegetables to … Continue reading

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