Poem: Vegetarian Wanderlust


She’s always wanted to travel.
Flipping through inherited copies
of National Geographic, this island
there and that mountain here.

By the shores of an unpronounceable
country. Or gaping at some supposed
temple built 2000 bloody years ago.

At nine though, she didn’t know
that the world at large eats mostly
meat. That apparently fish
is the same as sea weed for some.

Tired, she looks at the moon. She
saw some marvelous ancientness
today, and her stomach growls.
Sick of fruits and salad heaps.

The closer she looks, the moon
looks like a beautiful soft dosai,
or a bowl of curd-rice. The world,
is hardly ready for Tam Brahm
vegetarian wanderlust.

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0 Responses to Poem: Vegetarian Wanderlust

  1. Vasuki says:

    Good one! 🙂


  2. vulturehaven says:

    reading it made me hungry. 🙂


  3. anon says:

    fish and seaweed on your mind
    like diamonds and rust in the bullring.
    came home, slept, awoke and found
    someone killed, followed news, followed links
    and found your moon tonite.


  4. guruprasad says:


    and i know exactly what you mean about the world not being ready for the indian veggie tourist!

    for most people outside india a vegetarian dish is when they add some vegetables to the meat/fish dish. and even if you carefully explain how you would like your side-dish made without anything remotely non-vegetarian, you realise they have sauteed the dish with pork shreds or dried prawns! 🙂

    here’s a post i had written about being a vegetarian in india –


  5. bhumika says:

    if a non-vegetarian like me can also be left hungry owing to the weird meats and tastes that firang countries offer, i can understand the plight of pure vegetarians…


  6. I know exactly how you feel! I’ve been in Shanghai for the past 7 months and though I’ve adapted to include chicken and pork in my diet, I still don’t feel full unless I’ve had a good old vegetarian meal inside me…preferably Indian.


  7. She watches the guy on TV spouting
    “Touriste Vadhikaraste
    Ma Phaleshu Kadachana”
    Damn these TV evangelists.


  8. Paavani says:

    V nice!

    and picture is really complimenting it!


  9. Vasuku, Paavani and guruprasad: Thanks. 🙂

    vulturehaven: Eat! Now!

    anon: Absolutely love the comment!

    bhumika: Even the non-vegetarians have their bad days?!? What a relief! 🙂 But seriously, what stops you from trying the firang fare – please do tell me and I’ll feel a lot better about my plight.

    Congenitally Disturbed: I have a feeling I won’t survive in Shanghai. 😦

    Bhel Puri: LOL! All TV evangelists? I find them incredibly entertaining.