Poem: On the sadness of others


You see her, quiet as a cat.
Curled into herself. Eyes soft
like feline paws. Closed, clawless
and keeping the breast from shivering.

Nothing emanates. Not even sadness.
It is then, that you realize, with
wonder, that certain people learn
to cry so bloody silently.

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0 Responses to Poem: On the sadness of others

  1. Deepa says:

    Hi..Landed here while blog hopping..
    You have depicted a very subtle and yet a strong emotion that every woman can relate to at some point in her life..

    Wordless wails, and
    Her silent screams,
    Lands her tears
    Fading before they drop
    As a cat on her feet
    Muffed by claws as she drops.


  2. IdeaSmith says:

    This poem reminded me of a line from ‘The Little Prince’:

    “It is such a secret place, the land of tears.”

    Beautiful. And a very happy new year, Neha!


  3. guruprasad says:


    and i think this is true for men too! the silent, dry tears…. except they won’t be caught dead curling up.

    (i want more!)


  4. Crazyfinger says:

    I stared at the picture and post for a long time, at first trying to put in words what I felt upon reading this poem. Two conflicting urges. One, an unforced self-awareness these lines brought me into, making me want to walk away from the computer and stare at nothing in particular outside the window. Second, an automaton-like impulse to respond by typing up some comment merely to satisfy this impulse. After a long moment I decided not to comment on this poem, but merely communicate what ought to be communcated, that is, the circumstances of these responses. May be we all should gather together and invent technologies to communicate silence…wouldn’t that be a dream…!

    Thanks for all the poems you wrote. Before I discovered your blog sometime around March of this year, my opinion of poetry was: “If it is not Holderlin poetry, then don’t bother.” In other words, I neither related to Holderlin nor poetry. But look, you got me reading nothing but poetry in everything I read these days and that is not to say it is all in the poetic form…!

    Have a terrific 2009…!

    Regards, Crazyfinger


  5. dhananjayan says:

    i am sorry. but i love that.


  6. Krishnan says:

    Wow fantastic. Loved it every bit. Happy New Year Neha.


  7. Deepa: Thank you for the lovely response. Though am not entirely sure if such moods are the monopoly of women. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ideasmith: Happy New Year! I love The Little Prince. Thanks for the lovely line. I think it’s time I go back (once more) to the book.

    guruprasad: Everyone is a senti sucker. Yep.

    Crazyfinger: I hope to have a wonderful 2009, but for now my energy is focused on 2008. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for enjoying the poetry. As for silence, I think sometimes a lingering “…” does a fascinating job. Have a great year ahead and may you see poetry everywhere!

    dhananjayan: Am trying to figure out why you’re sorry.. hhmm?

    Krishnan: Thanks. And have a great 2008!


  8. Crazyfinger says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I meant 2008.



  9. Deepa says:

    yes indeed neha.. the evolution has begun… wish u a happy and prosperous 2008