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This post made me laugh for a full five minutes. Go read. Pay special attention to the visual aids.

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The Evil Gora, smuggling and the 80s

If you’ve seen enough films through the 80s – you need no visual introduction to this man. Big, muscled and bald, this guy was our Evil Gora archetype. This guy slid into various roles with incredible ease. Evil Smuggler who … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: Her Hair

She didn’t have a hairy head when she was born. Her parents were suitably scared. But after her first and only tonsure, her hair grew out dark and thick. Like all good mothers, hers obsessed about her hair. Her pride … Continue reading

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On parakeets in London

Who would have thought you’d find the startling green of parakeets in London? I thought I saw some near Hyde Park but blamed it on the July sun. Or homesickness. But wandering through the Kyoto Gardens at Holland Park with … Continue reading

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A mid-morning memory

Saturday mid-morning, a sudden rush of energy. The house feels like it’s been drowned in dust. Despite how I romanticized the far-away firang lands as being relatively dust-free, two days without dusting results in a gossamer layer of dust. I … Continue reading

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Poem: An Ordinary Affair

Such was his pain. To be cheated by a woman so ordinary. He wished he could call her an adulteress. No flames were licking lamps, and they drank fruit juice. Two glasses. He wishes the woman had chosen an affair … Continue reading

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First film of the year – Gauri the Ghory

It says something when one of the first films you watch in 2008 is so bad that it makes you want to smash things around. To be fair, we knew how bad it was going to be. But nothing quite … Continue reading

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First Post of 2008

The Ideasmithy asks me to come up with my favourite photograph of the year. There are actually two. One of them is of the Agrasen Ki Baoli. A place that continues to fascinate me. In the middle of the heart … Continue reading

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