First Post of 2008

Agrasen Ki Baoli

The Ideasmithy asks me to come up with my favourite photograph of the year. There are actually two. One of them is of the Agrasen Ki Baoli. A place that continues to fascinate me. In the middle of the heart of a city fighting smog, pickpockets and rising temperatures, is a step-well. Home to pigeons and perhaps slightly tired and curious people. Not too touristy. No touts selling anything. Everytime I go to Delhi, I enjoy a brief visit to this place. It grounds me. Beyond the step-well, you see Connaught Place’s skyline. And Connaught Place is a hotbed of childhood memories. My mother used to work halfdays on Saturdays and her office was at CP. We used to go and pick her up from her workplace. And perhaps manage to be treated to an icecream at Nirula’s. Or if it was around a special day, get a dress from SnowWhite. (Back in those days, you had to have an occasion to get new clothes, you know!).

The other is this picture of the Azure Window on Gozo Island at Malta. A lovely, short vacation. Enough to make us want to go back. I tend to be slightly dismissive of people who rate nature over cities as holiday destinations. In fact, I usually find myself annoyed when someone says “I love nature”. Nature as this blanket thing that must be admired and loved. But by the sea in Malta, I was amazed at how easy it is to be overwhelmed by something that is not technically “human-made”.

Among other things, last night we walked by the South Bank in London to catch a glimpse of the New Year fireworks. First of all, these people have no idea what crackers to set off first. As a result, the sky was thick with smoke, you couldn’t see the river which was ten feet away, let alone the fireworks. Next, there is no timer, or clock. (Except for a giant old thing without a seconds hand.) Which results in ample confusion about when exactly it is that the New Year starts. Someone says four minutes, and another says two. But despite all that, there is a certain madness to the spirit of so many semi-drunkards around you. So we began the New Year in the middle of a lot of cheering, some badly sung Aulg Lang Syne, questions like “Are you sure it’s the New Year already?” and “I can’t see a thing.”. Much fun.

Have a wonderful 2008. 🙂

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  1. IdeaSmith says:

    Beautiful pic! All these years visiting Delhi and I had no idea such a place existed so close to the mayhem of CP!

    A very happy 2008, Neha!


  2. Hey…a very Yappy New Year to you 🙂

    more snaps of malta please…sounds like a nice place to visit!!


  3. IdeaSmith: If we should find ourselves in Delhi on the same day – will be happy to take you there. 🙂 The picture doesn’t do the place any justice.. trust me. Have a lovely 2008!

    The Empty Head: Yes, may my year be as yappy as ever. Malta snaps are up on flickr. 🙂