First film of the year – Gauri the Ghory

It says something when one of the first films you watch in 2008 is so bad that it makes you want to smash things around. To be fair, we knew how bad it was going to be. But nothing quite prepares you for the yawn-inspiring and cringeworthy film that is Gauri – The Unborn. The film’s story is as follows.

gauri.pngA family of three – a wife, a husband and a very annoying child lead a pleasant life. The child who does look scary thanks to the mass of unruly curls on her head is influenced by her sibling who was never born. This sibling, named Gauri is the spirit of the aborted foetus. They go to some random old house, and Gauri begins haunting them, threatening to kill their annoying child. Anupam Kher, who probably played a part in this film because he needed some help with finances basically rants about how the spirit of the foetus will take revenge.

Now that we have the story out of the way. The highlight of the film is the ability to come up with one cringeworthy dialogue after another. The foetus declares that the safest place for it was the womb of her mother and her mother is her murderer. There is one drawing the wife made – basically a stick figure, and the stick figure is used as a haunting device. See that glowing drawing above the kid’s head? That drawing was made by lots of dancing, attacking shards of glass. As Sri said “This is sibling rivalry taken to the extreme.”.

gauri2.pngRituparna who was so lovely and restrained in Main, Meri Patni aur Woh plays the hysterical wife. She keeps crying about everything. The worst bit is that she has too much makeup on, and in the close up scenes where the camera tries to delicately focus on the tears, all you see is an inch thick layer of foundation cake. Sample this screenshot – she is just about to cry. We started laughing. Of course.

Perhaps this film was made to scare the living daylight out of people contemplating abortion. I have a strong suspicion that it was sponsored by some raving Pro-Life lunatic. Fair enough. But did it have to be this bad? It’s supposed to be a horror film, but there wasn’t even one bit that made us sit up. The only thing horrifying was the child’s hairstyle. For God’s sake someone give her a haircut or tie her hair back in a neat ponytail. So you have the spirit of foetus in the end becoming a neon sign of sorts that flies around, asking for love. Ugh!

Seriously, we do watch bad movies so you don’t have to!

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  1. Jupe says:

    I quite enjoy checking out some horrible movies once in a while just for some cheap thrills…Besides such (mis)adventures give me so much to talk and write about…. And when the odd one (like STRANGERS) is actually passable, one is pleasantly surprised..

    ps: Seen Billa-2007? How is Thalai vis a vis Thalaivar?


  2. rads says:

    lol 🙂

    Maybe we should consider donating her hair to locksoflove?


  3. guruprasad says:

    thank god for people like you we are spared the agony of sitting through films like this!

    keep up the good work… watch all the crappy movies before i make the mistake myself 😛

    (i know that was a mean one, but i couldn’t resist 😉 )


  4. I do watch some awful movies as well … but thanks to your review, I can safely avoid this one. Thanks!


  5. bhumika says:

    I wonder if you actually thought of watching this movie assuming that it will be a good one?!