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Lekhni tags me to pick posts from my own blog on certain topics. It’s harder than it sounds. For one thing, while searching my blog, I come across certain cringe-worthy posts. But it’s better than watching the 20-20 between Australia and India right now. The match is making me weep.

Family: I wrote this post after a brief visit to Madras, having had the chance to spend a little time in the house that was the epicenter of our summer holidays. While the post is more to do with the idea of houses changing over time, it’s also a reminder of how much the extended family has changed. Another favourite of mine is the one I wrote on Mothers – as they probably were when they were young girls. An age that we can only glimpse at in photographs.

Friend: I don’t have best friends. I have friends who I trust, and who I bug with endless calls. But for some reason or the other, the list of friends changed a lot over the years. It gets harder, especially, when you meet friends you thought you’d never outgrow, and you realize, over a few cups of coffee that the conversation is trite. The one I wrote about the Italian penfriend sticks out. It makes me think of myself a little fondly, forgive myself piece by piece for being such a dork. The other one is about meeting a friend who I never seem to outgrow – SD.

Self: Oh! As thought every second post on this blog isn’t about the self! This blog is an exercise in narcissism. But two posts in the category stand out – one on Simon and Garfunkel, and the other on how poetry ruined my hair.

Love: Searching for posts with the word love results in very few posts on this blog. No deep meaning to that. I am just very cautious of using this term. Mostly because I think it’s slightly cheesy. I can never think of love without the associated image of a huge red heart. That completely creeps me out. Seriously. But I love cities. So, I pick my poem on Bombay and love.

Anything I like: Monuments. Ruins. I also like photographs and the Indian railways – while we’re at it!

Am not tagging anyone, but if you like the idea, consider yourself tagged!

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4 Responses to Tagged: More self-indulgence

  1. Lekhni says:

    Nice set of posts. I find myself remembering some of these quite vividly. Like the one on what happens to blogs when bloggers die. I’d like to think our words live on in Google’s cache. People would stumble upon our blogs while searching for something, and go through our old posts with the joy of a child discovering something new.

    Old houses feel desolate, carrying onl memories of the life they once had. But our blogs are like old books, they are always alive with our thoughts 🙂


  2. guruprasad says:

    btw, i like cheese, if not cheesy love.
    red wine, if not bleeding hearts.

    i must read all those posts,
    and i won’t take up this tag
    some of the skeletons are best left buried 🙂

    couldn’t resist clicking on ‘bombay & love’
    and i loved it!


  3. Primalsoup says:

    What a gorgeous post on Indian Railways. The tag has some use after all.

    And I loved the train journeys too, especially the bad soup and the Masala Vadai that we ate. Oh, and I still recall that one of appa’s ex accountant was posted at Itarsi and he would get us hot food. We used to wait in anticipation for the train to drag itself into that place.After all getting hot milagu rasam, bang in the middle of the country was exactly what the soul needed.

    Anyway, I couldn’t post a comment on the relevant post. I wonder, if it is me or your Blog?


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