Fiction Fragment: The End

All that they learned about love, they learned from the movies. That men and women declared glorious heterosexual love, sometimes fought with their families, and finally got married. That in the precise part that the couple were sitting solemn and about to promise themselves into a wedding, ‘The End’ would emerge. This was their signal. Get up, and proceed to exit.

Today, she feels like getting in touch with some of those girls that she went to the films with. The ones who bunked classes and saved their pocket money for the releases on Friday. She searched for them online. Wondering what came of them. Searching didn’t yield much. They had disappeared. Most of them. It strikes her then, that it was a decade since they graduated. That they were all probably married, and had changed their names. She could only guess their second names. Futile. The End.

PS – I am otherwise so given to cheesiness. But Valentine’s Day makes me cynical about love. But in a good way. Underneath all that contempt for over-sized red hearts, I am all mush.

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7 Responses to Fiction Fragment: The End

  1. km says:

    don’t forget to throw the bag of popcorn on the way out.


  2. rads says:

    Of crse we are all mush underneath. We just don’t say it loud 😛

    Tell me about trying to track down friends from an era. I found ONE. Yes, just one in all my trips around social galzies. humpf! No fair with girls changing names.

    Well, I shouldn’t be the one talking, I even dropped my first name!


  3. guruprasad says:

    i recently went on this major nostalgia trip when i suddenly got a flood of mails from batchmates from school who i haven’t been in touch with since 87 or something!

    i then tried getting online to see if i could trace some of the friends from college but couldn’t find a single one of them! i don’t know their married names i guess… i don’t even remember some of their actual names… i’m sure sane parent would name their kids as ‘tingu’ and ‘poms’ ! 😛


  4. Sometimes you meet someone after really long, and you just cannot relate to them anymore. You keep thinking of all those times you spent with that girl sitting on the roof of your house discussing life, cycling to school together with that other guy, sharing umbrellas in the rain with the girl who lived opposite your house or playing cricket with the guys in the neighbourhood. Today, you can hardly talk to them – they seem so distant, so unlike what they were in those days. And maybe, they think that of you also!


  5. mush, we all are girl. mush we all are. we just put our lives’ energy into pretending otherwise.


  6. Adithya says:

    Heh, I used to think only I do crazy stuff like searching for long lost friends. And I agree with aandthirtyeights. That stuff happens, quite often.


  7. BVN says:

    nicely done 🙂

    Valentines day as a day of remembrance, interesting. Yeah, where are all those girls nowadays!


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