Minor Annoyances

Is it just me or does somebody else find it really annoying when someone says something like “It’s so nice you work. You must keep yourself occupied” or “It’s good that you work. Must keep you entertained and busy.” I’ve never heard anybody say that to a man.

To the lady on the bus from London Bridge to home today – I did seriously want to punch you. But I had to get off at the next stop. Hope the milk you bought at the shop was spoiled before it made it to your occupied and entertained fridge. Ggrr.

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22 Responses to Minor Annoyances

  1. rads says:

    LOL. You curse well. I better watch what I say here :p


  2. 2AsMom says:

    Haha! the following question I once got was, so do you teach kids in school….This riled me up on two fronts

    a) Teaching kids is NOT a timepass job, they are the future of our nation.

    b) I worked and am working hard to climb the ladder and to stay there. it for sure isn’t child’s play and 10 hrs/day is not an mind occupying, time willing hobby.


  3. km says:

    Must keep you entertained and busy.

    HA HA HA.


    HA HA HA.


  4. vidya says:

    Ah bridge and fridge – they rhyme, they rhyme..May be the lady always wanted to work and never could..Next time, dig deeper the papparazzi that you are and get her real story out ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Grasshopper says:

    Bums in this world belong to both categories, male and female.

    Some bums are chilled out, they don’t feel guilty for not working.

    The ones I feel sorry for is your bus lady. I almost feel like starting an NGO for them.

    Instead of cursing her, you should have given her your blog address.


  6. People still say that?? I’ve never heard something like that or I’d have delivered that punch!


  7. sumana says:

    ya- ive heard that too often.. and from my 2 years of mainstream corporate experience now, these are the 2 ways in which I find it incredibly annoying-
    1. Thats what male bosses have in mind when they offer a better deal to a male employee

    2. ‘Since we (women) are only working to keep ourselves occupied and entertained, our work is not taken half as seriously as that of the guys!!!
    and this is not RIPLEY’S, its just terribly true


  8. radhika says:

    aaargh! i hate that too!
    and it doesnt get any easier…nowadays they think i am “most fortunate” to be working fulltime from home AND taking care of the 15-month-old. as if it’s the easiest (read, most entertaining) job on earth!


  9. Mint Chutney says:

    My personal favorite came from my aunt: “Do you think it’s a good example for the kids to see that you are as successful as your husband? The Boy may think that’s how all women are”

    I swear she wasn’t drunk when she said it.


  10. Vasudha says:

    :-). Yeah.. its annoying when someone says someting like that. I keep hearing such “motivating statements” (??) every now and then. That too.. from age old people who regret not having studied much to have a job.. And the other annoying thing is when someone asks how much salary you draw ;-).


  11. I’m a man (as far as I can tell), and I’m not old or retired, and I get that all the time! As if what I do otherwise (music) isn’t entertaining or busy enough! All sympathy with you…


  12. Yuva says:

    and mostly certainly that someone is a woman all the time…. right..!?? so don’t blame us(men;))).


  13. namesake says:

    So now that one has put in 13 years in school, 3 in college, 2 in masters, and some more here and there, to be occupied, and entertained, lets get to real work now – cook, and raise kids!


  14. neha says:

    aah, this happens to me at least once a week. i’m so bored of it now i just smile and look away.


  15. guruprasad says:

    the only thing that would keep me entertained and busy would be watching films officially as part of work. like critics do ๐Ÿ™‚

    but then, i guess, you would also have to wade through hours of manure too, right?


  16. Wow. This seems to hit quite a nerve! ๐Ÿ™‚
    For the record though it’s people who pretend to be very “supportive” of women who work who come up with one line wonders like the above. Also – the woman said some other very unprintable things that really pissed me off. So, whether or not she has a sob story to tell – I don’t like her.


  17. bhumika says:

    I’ve been through that a couple of times and everytime i felt like giving a punch to that person. These are people who have never had an opportunity to do sth substantial in their life. And then, they wouldn’t stop there. The shameless souls would ask, “So, how much do you earn in a month, huh?”


  18. Edgar dantas says:

    and mostly certainly that someone is a woman all the timeโ€ฆ. right..!?? so donโ€™t blame us(men


  19. Edgar: Actually – there’s no pattern. Both men and women make these remarks. Men also tend to make these remarks when talking about their wives. Which is even more annoying.


  20. Shefaly says:

    Note to self: Lesson from all this – never talk to strange ‘laydeez’ (or gentlemen) on the bus… ๐Ÿ˜‰ And definitely never offer biographical information.


  21. guruprasad says:

    did i make some ‘one line wonder’ remark? i’m just curious because your comment just below mine says ‘… who come up with one line wonders like the above’.

    i had to reread mine a couple of times to see if there was something there i missed ๐Ÿ™‚


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