Poem: A potential love affair


Their bags and backs face me,
I can only hear parts of whispers.

One pint down. The other half
drunk. The woman on the left
attempts a SWOT analysis of a
potential love affair. Strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and
those terrible invisible threats.

His genes are good, but perhaps
there is a history of high and
unforgiving cholesterol in his
family. He has a lovely house.

His mother lives far away from
the city. And yes, his sibling
has already reproduced. Twice.

However, he also has a lovely
ex-girlfriend. So it is decided
that she will not call him and
instead they will drown this
affair in another mug of beer.

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9 Responses to Poem: A potential love affair

  1. Shefaly says:

    The trick with SWOT is that SW are inward-looking and OT are outward-looking. A complete analysis requires both perspectives and of course, sustainable advantage requires strategic thinking and action 🙂

    PS: Sorry, fresh from co-teaching an MBA course on Strategy; couldn’t resist making a comment about the first thought in my head when I saw the poetry!


  2. guruprasad says:

    simply loved it 🙂

    one normally hears of people drowning their sorrows of broken relationships in mugs of beer… looks like here they decided to preempt it, huh?

    here’s a woman’s day message for you –

    ‘a woman should never consider herself equal to a man! why should she lower herself and be lesser than what she is? just be yourself. happy woman’s day!’


  3. avataram says:

    wonderful poem. reminded me of an old kafka story called “Rejection” which I was very fond of.


  4. Lalita says:

    What a picky woman, Neha. I’d have, in my imagination, let them drown a pint more and decide to give it a go. Alas. Young people these days, I tell you.


  5. Amrit says:

    I loved the last two lines – drowning the affair over a mug of beer…. Lovely!


  6. Ravages says:

    Nice. Nice.


  7. Ankur says:

    “…reproduced. twice” Devastating comment; I wonder whether this is more a criticism of the two conducting the SWOT or the drone-like nature of relationships, marriages, and the act of procreation itself.


  8. Pointless. Like “relationships”. Therefore appropriate.


  9. bvn says:

    very nice! oh what all we need to know! yeah justlove may not be all 🙂


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