Poem: In Ayodhya


They’re in Ayodhya. In this
very holy city, they smear
everything on their foreheads.

The guide (for tourists and
pilgrims) points to a slab. “Here,
Sita made rotis for Rama.”.

She wonders if Rama liked his
rotis fluffy. And round. Perfectly

If like her, Sita too let her eyes
rest on the gentle curves of
copper bottomed vessels, to
break from the routine of
domestic geometry.

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0 Responses to Poem: In Ayodhya

  1. rr says:

    Very very beautiful.


  2. hi,

    excellent one but tell me how u manage to fine time to do all these things..

    well done keep it up… do help me out plz

    with regards ,
    gk thiyagasundaram


  3. Vinod Khare says:

    Really thought provoking. I liked the previous one. These pieces are really intriguing as far as the ideas go but as poetry they seem to lack a, I don’t know, poetic quality. They read almost like prose.


  4. prats says:

    This was so beautiful. Loved your thought process…very intriguing to know that a simple everyday copper bottomed vessel has fetaured in these lines 😀


  5. Shefaly says:

    My first thought – she (Sita) married a rich man-who-would-be-king, and she still had to be a chapati-roller? Is that what she wonders when her mind wanders?


  6. Grasshopper says:

    ‘Domestic geometry’, indeed. You should be a film editor, Neha. This would be called shot juxtaposition in film language.
    A beautifully and subtly provoking thought, this poem.


  7. Liz says:

    Very beautiful.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I love your writing..simple and eloquent. I’m in awe of the way you make a poem out of such simple things… a copper pot, obits in the Hindu, what not!!


  8. rahul says:

    ..talk about emancipation of women (in mythology) :P..
    ….good post


  9. Ankur says:

    Hi. Ram and Sita demystified and made mortals. Amazingly done. I wonder if Sita is exploring ‘options’ here. Or am I wrong?


  10. traveller says:

    ‘Domestic Geometry’ – insightful.
    You know I love your poems.

    You know what Rama being the perfect man, maybe he made the rotis. Don’t we know what constitutes perfect?


  11. Banno says:

    I loved the use of the copper-bottomed vessel.


  12. Sneha says:

    Please blog more often. You and your regular dose of weirdness are being missed.


  13. Lovely! Just a small doubt – in the days before stainless steel, what were copper-bottomed vessels topped with?


  14. dipali says:

    This is just so good, Neha.
    You have captured so much in these few verses.


  15. Vinod Joseph says:

    Brilliant! As was your previous one.


  16. guruprasad says:

    i loved this… i don’t know why…

    the pic was a perfect companion for the poem!

    you should write more often!

    (this is the ramayana series? 😛 )


  17. Forachange says:

    Its a good poem. No doubt.
    But then it may be why you find lot of Ramas making rotis nowadays making life easier and plenty for Ravavnas.


  18. jillumadrasi says:

    Domestic Geometry — very beautiful.

    Again — not a likely story. In Ayodhya, Sita would not have made rotis. In the forest maybe but not in the city…


  19. Wow! I didn’t expect a warm reception to this poem. The truth is that there is a story in the family that runs to this effect – I think it was my grandmother who went to Ayodhya and she was told by a very adamant guide that despite Sita being royalty she was very aware of her wifely duties and made rotis for Rama everyday. (And yes, he did point to a rather ambiguous looking stone slab and insisted she used it to flatten out the dough!)