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Having seen Tashan

I can’t quite figure out why this film got such bad reviews. I actually enjoyed parts of it. The real star of this film is Akshay Kumar. As long as he’s on the screen, you don’t feel bored or annoyed. … Continue reading

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In which RR knits me a hat

I’ve never really had anything knitted for me. My mother was coerced by me to try and knit something for me. In the winters, all my classmates wore at least one item that had been lovingly knitted by some woman … Continue reading

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Film: U Me aur Hum

If this film wasn’t about a spouse suffering from Alzheimer’s, it could have easily been a film about a spouse suffering from cirrhosis. By now enough spoilers are floating around the pipes. So I won’t go into the details. But … Continue reading

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Aye hip hopper!

I admit with great shame that I hadn’t heard this song any sooner. On the phone, my sister insisted I search for it on Youtube. I don’t know quite know what to make of it. I find it offensive and … Continue reading

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Sometimes you read stuff that should be screenshot-ted and preserved for posterity. This is the case of the really boring and bordering on self-pity blog called Sir John Bull. Now you would expect someone who is a member of the … Continue reading

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Poem: Ode to the Lady without One Toe

Far away in some lab, your phantom toe wiggles in tandem. At least this is how one makes a grown woman sleep after drinking lots of soup. I now revise the epics for you. One story about the three-toed monster, … Continue reading

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Film: Velli Thirai

Alright. I have to vent. I saw yet another Tamil film which could have been so much better. The latest in the list was Velli Thirai. Not having access to any Tamil TV channel, we tend to rely on luck … Continue reading

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Sunday afternoon Bappi overdose

Have I ever mentioned that I love this song? And this one? Sunday afternoon made delightful by Bappi Lahiri. There’s something so charming to the brand of “break dance” as performed by Anil Kapoor and Amrita Singh. I was watching … Continue reading

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Poem: At your wedding Kannamma

At your wedding kannamma, guests arrived in noisy herds. They placed envelopes in your sweaty palms. The flowers (around your neck and in your hair) seemed heavy. At Pazhani, I promised my hair to the barbers. I prayed that you … Continue reading

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