Sunday afternoon Bappi overdose

Have I ever mentioned that I love this song? And this one? Sunday afternoon made delightful by Bappi Lahiri. There’s something so charming to the brand of “break dance” as performed by Anil Kapoor and Amrita Singh. I was watching the video rather intently, and at about 48 seconds into the song, I spotted a signboard in the background that seems to say Calcutta. Anyone know where exactly this song was shot?

I wish they were playing this film on one of the useless Hindi film channels I get. Instead, I am forcing myself to watch ‘Himalaya Ki God Mein’ – which has a very annoying Mala Sinha constantly screeching “Daktaar Baaabu, ee ka hai..”. The protagonist of course is Manoj Kumar who plays a doctor with a conscience that drives him to practice in the most remote village of India. Which is all fine. Except for Mala Sinha. Aaargh! Plus, her eyebrows scare me.

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5 Responses to Sunday afternoon Bappi overdose

  1. Jabberwock says:

    Plus, her eyebrows scare me

    What about Manoj Kumar’s perennially upraised eyebrows? I always thought nothing could be scarier than the pained, martyred expression they gave his face.


  2. Rada says:

    With or without upraised eyebrows, Manoj Kumar always scared the shit out of me..
    The sanctimonious cad made a fortune out of peddling patriotism and his professed love for “Bharat” in movie after movie: Upkaar, Purab aur Paschim, Roti, Kapda aur Makan… While praising the “Bhartiya Naree”‘s purity on one hand, he also shamelessly exploited his heroines’ physical attributes: Remember Saira banu’s short skirts in Purab aur Paschim and Zeenat’s rain dance in Roti Kapda?
    Yeah..what is really scary is the man’s hypocrisy.
    Sorry Neha, this started out as a comment on your post, but became a rant on Manoj Kumar.
    Forgive me, he has that effect on many people, I know! 🙂


  3. Hehhhh says:

    Oi, the movie has one good song … strike that, at least one that sticks in memory @jaisa maine socha tha.

    You are lucky they aren’t showing, for example, Kranti.

    Or worse, Krantiveer, from more recent times.

    And Mala Sinha was just the beginning. Version two, Pratibha, was far worse , with both expression and err… udder attributes totally bovine.


  4. dipali says:

    I’ve always loved that film, Saaheb, and this song and dance are so very charming!


  5. Jabberwock: I think I developed an immunity to Manoj Kumar’s facial expressions early on. Besides his stuff makes me cringe so bad, that I usually collapse into a big ball of fluff and shut my ears and eyes!

    Rada: Oh yes. I loathe Manoj Kumar. His brand of patriotism is mostly to do with hem-lines and the length of women’s ponytails. Absurdly he was excused of any sort of moral boundary. Aaargh!

    Hehhhh: LOL!

    dipali: Me too. I sort of liked Amrita Singh.. there’s something a little endearing about that loudness (in small doses).


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