Poem: Ode to the Lady without One Toe

Far away in some lab, your phantom
toe wiggles in tandem. At least this
is how one makes a grown woman
sleep after drinking lots of soup.

I now revise the epics for you.
One story about the three-toed
monster, another about the mystical
Third Toe. For now there are three.
Phantom, Real and Memory.

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6 Responses to Poem: Ode to the Lady without One Toe

  1. Lalita says:

    Lovely. I will pontificate at length later.


  2. guruprasad says:

    this was so touching…

    i am sure the lady without the toe loved your rendering of the epics and your poem as well!


  3. vidya says:

    5 – 1= 3?


  4. Chevalier says:

    Really depends upon which toe is missing. I could live without some, but not without my big toe or either of the smallest two. I could definitely live without the second toe, because it is longer than the big toe, and that declares my prediliction for dominating my spouse (*famous Indian superstition).
    Who wants one’s bullying publicised so widely every summer with open toe-d footwear?


  5. A. N. Nanda says:


    It’s a nicely composed muse. I enjoyed its poetic vibes.

    If a buddhist stupa can be built upon the tooth relic of Gautam Buddha and a mosque on the hair of Prophet Mohammad, then why can’t a phantom exist around a dismembered toe?

    Thanks for sharing.



  6. dipali says:

    Very nice!


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