Having seen Tashan

I can’t quite figure out why this film got such bad reviews. I actually enjoyed parts of it. The real star of this film is Akshay Kumar. As long as he’s on the screen, you don’t feel bored or annoyed. By now, you might have already read about the high levels of style and attitude quotient in the film. Which is all very fair. Everything about this film is attitude. Which does mean that there isn’t too much of a story.

The trouble is – that a style overdose works only if you have characters that are so well established that you don’t look for more hints. The film’s fundamental premise probably should have been revenge. For some reason, I got the feeling that they were trying to make a Kill Bill out of this one. True, Kill Bill has a wonderful sense of style and attitude to it, but that’s because it backs it with a strong, dark but absurdly funny undertone of tragedy and revenge all the while. This film focuses quite a bit on the characters that seem colourful but a few more shades of black in their characters couldn’t have hurt.

As for the reviewer who said the music in this film wasn’t good, I suggest she get her ears cleaned. I quite liked some of the tracks in the film, and they’ve sounded even nicer on a few replays that I hit. Currently, given my mood and the dire need to get some schoolwork done before some deadlines – this is my favourite track.

The last twenty minutes in the film were an absolute drag. They might as well have chopped off those minutes. I don’t think anybody would have noticed. Thing is, I am very fussy about the kind of fight sequences that I like. And while the film attempts to drool with style on every other aspect, the fights were very limp and so predictably flame-gunshot-rip limb apart-flame-repeat.

The thing is, you can mock and flatter at the same time. But that takes way too much talent. Oh, and I bloody wish Anil Kapoor was in more films. (But not that awful Black & White variety…)

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  1. km says:

    Thing is, I am very fussy about the kind of fight sequences that I like.

    Pray, elaborate.

    With YT examples, annotations and subtitles.


  2. Hmmm. Until this review, I was quite sure I’d give this a miss. Now I’m wondering again. Especially after your comparison with Kill Bill.


  3. Kundan says:

    Hi Neha
    Tashan is the worst movie that mot only lacks story, style, rythem and music, it also lacks common sense. The bad film with good common sense, such as OSO can become hit. But a supremely bad film with supremely low in senses (common or uncommon) can be a nightmare.


  4. dipali says:

    We were fairly entertained until the endless, crappy final sequences.
    Could it have been worse? I wonder!


  5. anil says:

    I agree with your words, the end part of this flim is not up to the mark.Let see and hope how people will react after seeing this movie.


  6. Vishwa says:

    I landed on your blog while browsing through some other blogs. I disagree with you to an extent. The movie was pathetic to say the least. And of course I agree with you on the fact the final 20 mins where boring.
    Anyways nice write up!


  7. Pepper says:

    You have been blogging for quite along time! And I just couldnt pass without commenting on theTashan post. Comparing it to kill bill????

    You make me laugh.


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