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Moving to Calcutta

That’s on my to-do list. It’s a promising city. Imagine remaining absent from duty for 15 years and still retaining the job. And to top it, securing a court order for payment of half the salary for the period. This … Continue reading

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Death of a 14 Year Old

A kid in Noida is killed, and the media is having a field day. It looks like Aarushi (the child) was murdered by her own father. NDTV is going an on an overkill approach – a panel discussion, a peep … Continue reading

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On Logic, Faith and Women’s Bodies

There’s something extremely funny in seeing a person defend what is probably a faith-based action as something with a “scientific basis” to it. Obviously enough, it’s not the previous generation that does it. My grandmother will insist on having a … Continue reading

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Sorry for Affair Poems

Someone landed on this blog after googling for “sorry for affair poems“. Ah, someone’s had an affair and now is resorting to finding a suitable poem to apologize with. I am afraid my poems are way too cynical for such … Continue reading

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Parting my hair

Long time readers of this blog may know of my obsession with hair and hair styles. Well, as of today I am going to go out and obsess about how people part their hair. …hair raising observation among corporate America … Continue reading

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Liveblogging from Pangea Day London!

Pangea Day! A day devoted to films. Four hours of film screened at various locations across the world. Paula (of GV) and I are in Somerset House (the main screening venue at London) and I am twittering this as it … Continue reading

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Summer, stripes and Joplin

After half a year of heavy jackets and coats, the whole idea of being able to walk out of your house in a linen shirt is a little weird. It’s wonderful, but at the same time, every time I get … Continue reading

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Look Ma, we went skydiving!

Yesterday we went skydiving. To be fair it was a tandem skydive. Which means you can let go and someone else is in charge. But it doesn’t change the sheer thrill of jumping out of a tiny plane from a … Continue reading

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