Liveblogging from Pangea Day London!

Pangea Day! A day devoted to films. Four hours of film screened at various locations across the world. Paula (of GV) and I are in Somerset House (the main screening venue at London) and I am twittering this as it plays along. The wifi, as always sucks, so am not sure I can get the photographs up. But hopefully some of them should show up here.
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6 Responses to Liveblogging from Pangea Day London!

  1. Somerset place. Love that place! Wonderful view of the Thames.

    Quite unfortunate I am not in London anymore.


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  4. Kavi says:

    Great to note that somebody on my blog roll was there at Pangea at some other place ! I was here at Mumbai and it was an amazing experience !


  5. anil says:

    Somerset is nice place and i love that place very much.Quiet unfortunately right now i am not in London anymore.


  6. ajit says:

    I would have loved to be back home in Mumbai for the event…it’s nice to know the world can come together for each other.


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