Sorry for Affair Poems

Someone landed on this blog after googling for “sorry for affair poems“. Ah, someone’s had an affair and now is resorting to finding a suitable poem to apologize with. I am afraid my poems are way too cynical for such lofty purposes. However, one wonders, what exactly was this person searching for. Though affair obviously has a wide range of meanings, I can only thing of the amorous kinds right now.

1. This person is sorry about having an affair, and hence want to mollify the person he or she is probably in a relationship with. (Bleedin’ obvious, I know.)

2. Person X decided to have an affair, and made a bad choice – let’s say Person Y. The said Person Y lacked passion, time or suitable inclination. Or became too clingy. Person X googled for the phrase attempting to pacify their own heart. (What, you don’t read poetry to tide over a certain mood?)

3. Person X decided to ask Person Z to have an affair with him or her. Person Z, who didn’t want to do a very harsh job of rejecting the affair-seeker, wanted to send a poem that said, Sorry babe/ dude, no affair possibility.

4. A person wrote a poem about having a torrid affair, and the poem wasn’t really appreciated. This person is trying to figure out how other affair-poetry-writers manage to get out of murky situations.

None of these circumstances appear particularly pleasant. Whoever you are, I hope you find the right poem. Ahem, but if you did cheat on someone, a poem isn’t really going to the trick. I think.

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9 Responses to Sorry for Affair Poems

  1. Chevalier says:


    Maybe it wasn’t a romantic affair? Maybe something on the lines of ‘sorry about the whole affair’?

    Or maybe there’s a whole genre of poetry called ‘affair poems’ which this guy is feeling bad & sorry for – presumably because they aren’t very well known, even though the poems work very hard at their jobs? Y’know, they’re practically like pearls before swine?
    Or he’s apologizing to the whole world for even writing those poems – such bad poetry, sheesh.

    Or maybe he meant ‘sorry for unfair poems’ …which could mean a whole lot of different things.


  2. Oh, another situation – maybe person found out that someone reached his/her blog with the search term “sorry for affair poem” and decided to google and find out how this was possible. Then, the someone found your blog interesting, and landed up!


  3. Shefaly says:

    As search strings go, I am still trying to find out why “career meat eating women” should bring someone to my blog. I can understand “Indian girls crushing bugs” though…


  4. Sharanya says:

    Poems can help you have affairs. But not undo them. Trust me on this one. πŸ˜‰


  5. rads says:

    Or, how about this person doing a research study on what folks go through after having the said affair?
    bah, hardly spicy! :


  6. oso says:

    I love the anonymous, almost silent, conversation that we have with those who land on our blogs via search engines. It’s a unique form of poetry, the universe telling us something, but always open to interpretation.


  7. Anil says:

    Oh! the things that make us think, sometimes πŸ™‚


  8. guruprasad says:

    ha ha ha … poor guy would never have guessed that you would actually know how he landed up on your blog in the first place…

    but its creepy right? there are no secrets out there any more πŸ˜›

    btw, how do you find out how they landed up and what search term they used?


  9. Ah… the wonders of crowd intelligence – so many other ways to explain this search. btw, guruprasad – I just took a look at the web page stats, which shows referrals.


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