I wish I could dawdle

Among other things, my exams should be done soon. But a few days back this notice outside the exam room made me giggle despite all the cramming overload. Apparently, we are asked not to “dawdle”.

I’ve also realized that I can no longer write for three hours straight without craving for a painkiller. Sitting for the exam wasn’t just mentally draining, but physically exhausting. You get so used to not writing with a pen beyond a few minutes, that your hand aches and begs for a break.

As it is, I am prone to distractions. In the three hour exam, people feel the need to eat and drink a lot. After every hour, people sit back, and eat everything, from salads to pizza slices. (Okay, not pizza, but you get the message.) The trouble is, if you don’t have anything to eat, you just end up feeling hungry looking at others pigging away. So you plan ahead and pack munchies and power drinks. That’s my excuse. Excuse me, I need to stop dawdling online. I still have an exam left.

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12 Responses to I wish I could dawdle

  1. Lekhni says:

    Three hours is bad enough, but not too long ago, I had four hour exams and the 6 hour CFA exams (with a short lunch break in between).

    So yes, I know how you feel 😦 On the other hand, think about it, after this one exam, you can dawdle. You can even meta-dawdle.. but wait, isn’t that what this blog post is about – dawdling about dawdling? 🙂


  2. rads says:

    I so agree! I feel bad can’t write with pen for longer periods though.. and needless to say my handwriting’s gotten sooo bad! :

    So all done?


  3. Mayur says:

    Even I feel hungry and distracted while in trhe exams but can’t help it…..


  4. Nilu says:

    Didn’t your paati also say this: ‘Nenjula konjam bayamum, vayathula pasiyum iruntha thaan parutchai la naraya mark vaangalam.’


  5. MadrasChick says:

    Yes.. the smell of food more than the sight itself, could be very distracting!

    Just curious, what are you schooling about?


  6. Krishnan says:

    Wishing you the very best for rest of your exams.


  7. km says:

    Does anyone really dawdle in an exam room? I usually wanted to get the hell out of there.


  8. Ravages says:

    In direct contrast is the way our schools and colleges here function – at least the ones I went to. I have never taken more than half-an-hour to complete my English language papers and the one on accountancy. But I had to sit through for the entire 2-3 hour period just, um, dawdling.


  9. dipali says:

    Dawdle- such a delicious word! And writing with a pen for three straight hours- unimaginable. All the best for your last exam:)


  10. prats says:

    Never realised dawdling would become an issue one day 😦 Somehow most of the exams we would take would have the last few minutes of mindless dawdling, …
    and yes…food could be high up on the list when you are told not to take breaks…


  11. Siri says:

    Waat?!! Snacks during exams? Did I finish my studies 8 yrs back in pre-historic times? Or maybe in phoren itees like tat only….
    I always loved writing with a pen because *cough* *cough* I admire me own handwriting ;)…those artistic loops and crosses and the romantic slant…oh I could go on…maybe i should in a post!


  12. Ankur says:

    What are the exams all about, Neha?


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