Poem: On Long Distance Comfort

A thousand names for one who
has lost weight is a heavy affair.
Instead, on the phone, I attempt
to make her laugh. Like all those
names, her chuckle echoes over
phone lines, and in emails.

She is named thus, after a Goddess
who plays. But our conversation
is hardly divine. Like illness, it
smells sometimes of hospitals. Of
disinfectant. Of trembling hands.

The soothing sound of a woman
complaining. So I urge her to
crib. About food, assorted relatives
and weather. Of typos in the
newspapers, of badly crafted
cryptic clues for crosswords.

Over the phone, I can only offer
this. A laugh. A bad joke. Ten
words. Long distant comfort for
the one who plays, instead
of hot steaming rasam.

For Lali.

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12 Responses to Poem: On Long Distance Comfort

  1. mumbaigirl says:

    I hope she gets well soon. Lovely poem


  2. meghnak says:

    Hi Neha,
    I’m sure by reading this she will have a speedy recovery!


  3. Amit says:


    Hope she is recovering as you do your bit…


  4. phoenix says:

    Beautiful words…beautiful enough to dissolve the distance.


  5. Mayur says:

    Lovely poem…………..


  6. Lalita says:

    A laugh, a bad joke and ten words. More than enough to comfort the one name after a Goddess with a thousand names. Thank you, Neha.


  7. Lalita says:

    Named* Gah, I hate typos! 🙂


  8. dipali says:

    Oh Neha! What can one say…… I love your poem and I’m almost in tears reading it. Come here whenever you can, as soon as you can.


  9. Banno says:

    Beautiful poem, Neha. Sorry, don’t have words adequate enough to comment. Take care.


  10. Dipali – I think next time I am in India – a day trip to Calcutta “must” be on the cards. xx


  11. Gauri says:

    You can be such a darling Nehu 🙂 !! Loved this post


  12. tilo says:

    good title.


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