A phone for stalkers

I was seriously considering getting an LG Viewty phone given its reviews and its camera. But this particular LG advert puts me off ALL their products. It makes me want to puke in the general direction of LG headquarters. Seriously, this advert gave me the creeps. So much for stalking. Yuck. [Via Feministing.]

I wonder if the guys who came up with the campaign got hold of the most perverted individuals and conducted a few Focus Group Discussions, at the end of which stalkers were murmuring appreciatively. Yuck!

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9 Responses to A phone for stalkers

  1. apu says:

    uggggh! seriously creepy.

    – Man invades woman’s privacy
    – Blows smoke into her face
    – Manipulates her like a toy/object
    And of course, the biggest myth of all – she enjoys the creepiness!

    The thing is, its horribly creepy and doesn’t even sell the product feature well – after watching is, I was more taken aback by the disrespect and lechiness, without a clue as to what is so great about this phone.


  2. Rada says:

    Seriously. What were the agency/marketing guys thinking of, when they made an ad like this? Imagine alienating almost 50% of your prospective customer base, in one single stroke!

    And as Apu has pointed out, no product features are highlighted!

    Heads should roll.


  3. Broom says:

    this was more like soft-porn. and not very good soft-porn.


  4. km says:

    Wow. Someone in their ad agency is either losing their job soon or getting a MAJOR promotion.


  5. Amey says:

    Even the splash ads now want you to “capture a photo of the girl in gym to win iphone”. Eariler it used to be just “shoot three iMacs” or “do 20 pushups before the computer”.


  6. Shefaly says:

    Neha, if this is an ad in the UK, report it to the ASA. They are kicking people left, right and centre these days.

    What a bunch of chauvinistic idiots!


  7. rads says:

    Frankly, I thought it was like watching a hindi soft porn trailer. 😀
    Can’t imagine folks thot twud sell..


  8. Aadisht says:

    Video removed by user. What was the funda?


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