Fiction Fragment: Another reason to have a Baby

Five years of being married, and not having reproduced makes strangers assume a great deal of familiarity. They ask questions about when she was planning on having a child, they told her that children bring a lot of joy in one’s life. It was slightly compounded given the fact that she was pleasantly plump. Old women would randomly come and pat her belly and say, “Oh look, you’re finally pregnant. You look you’re about five months in. Right?”. Wrong. She just had a mild case of potbelly. But it also meant that complete strangers assumed that she was pregnant and asked no questions about the lack of reproduction.

She has no idea why they don’t have children yet. They’ve just been putting it off indefinitely. Maybe waiting for some signal from somewhere. But what signal? How is it to be deciphered?

Her thoughts are shattered by the beginnings of an itch on her back. She struggles to scratch it. Back itches are weird like that. Once you scratch a certain spot, they run over to another spot. And then you scratch it there. She remembers how her mother would command them to bring her scratching comb. A comb exclusively used for scratching her back. Maybe that’s a good reason to have a child. They’re excellent back-scratchers. They can be commanded. Scratch a bit more to the left, to the right, a little below.

A back itch is as good as any other signal to have a baby. It is thus decided, they will have one right away.

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17 Responses to Fiction Fragment: Another reason to have a Baby

  1. dipali says:

    A reason as good as any other!


  2. Banno says:

    Hey, babies are good not only to scratch your backs, but press them too!


  3. Lekhni says:

    In the old days, it was probably to get the newspaper and one’s glasses..these days everyone reads the papers online πŸ˜‰


  4. Crazyfinger says:

    …holler back from the fiction world…: – ) A heavy fat plump child pressing its butt on your forearm as you heave your way into living room is a love that can only be measured between impatient stares at the milkman in the morning and the patently unreasonable spillover of the coffee filter back in the kitchen. iLapid would be the name, lazuli would be the shine…: -) The puzzle is entirely yours to figure out…:-)

    I guess apologies are in order for making such a nonsensical comment…what can I say…I am pushing old age…natural reasons are hard to come by…:-) You have go to laugh at this one…:-)

    Regards, Crazyfinger


  5. rads says:

    oh yeah? πŸ˜€


  6. Rada says:

    This is what I would call the Haiku equivalent of fiction: short, compact, complete in itself!
    Why would you want to call it a”fiction fragment”?


  7. Sindhu says:

    Lol! When will people learn?
    First time on your blog…will be back! πŸ™‚


  8. mumbaigirl says:

    Is this really fiction or are you making an announcement (I’m getting as bad as the old women)


  9. WA says:

    After pondering for a bit I’ve decided that it is fiction. In case its not fiction then tell tell quick.


  10. maheesha says:

    sounds funny… can’t there be a better itch to have babies…


  11. Chevalier says:

    And then it turns out that itch is actually a malignant skin lesion; she has cancer and needs chemo – and that chemo will drastically reduce/destroy her fertility.

    C’mon, fess up, that’s where you were driving at.
    That, or I’m having a particularly dark Monday.


  12. Vidya says:

    Loved it… Oh yes, I can empathize, the familiarity assumed and the questions asked.. having been married for 5 years now.. and being a Tam Bhram.. Woes of being one πŸ™‚

    First time here.


  13. aparna says:



  14. And that, is the story of how Choriyan was born…


  15. For the last bloody time. I am not pregnant. I am not planning on getting pregnant. Aaarrgh!


  16. rads says:

    LOL. Someone’s rattled πŸ˜€


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