B for Budapest!

Budapest is beautiful. The GV Summit is on in the city, and as always there’s a huge crowd of bloggers, cyber activists and the lot from all over the world. It’s an amazing experience, to walk around the room, trying to master the pronunciation of so many names, putting faces to the urls. The summit is on right now, and you can join us online in the IRC chatroom. There’s also a live webfeed of the entire event here.

GV has been amazing really. From the lean crowd in London in 2005, to this sudden swell of over 200 people sitting here in Budapest. (Any many more mailing in from their respective living rooms).

I got here yesterday afternoon, and since I had the day to myself, went off to soak in the city and all the sunniness it offers. It’s a relief to not see the usual grey skies of London bearing down on one’s shoulders. Old buildings right next to the ugliness of the sixties and seventies. An aesthetic mish-mash of old aristocracy and the communist monstrosities. Yesterday, riding the metro here, I suddenly realized how much a city can be felt and understood by just using public transport. Dim florescent-ish lights in blue-green coaches.


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3 Responses to B for Budapest!

  1. Wow. I know just what you mean. The picture speaks a lot. Have fun in Budapest. How I wish I could have been there 🙂


  2. Amit Gupta says:

    I gave the guided tour and you ungrateful lot don’t even bother to thank me! 😦


  3. Amit: Thanks!!!!


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