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We need a family song!

I have always liked studying with the television on. I like studying with music on, but usually I get more involved with music and get easily distracted. Ideally, the television should be playing one of those old Hindi and Tamil … Continue reading

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On writing a dissertation

In the discussions I’ve had with all my friends who are equally annoyed about the dissertation process, we’ve figured this bit out. To write a dissertation, you need to waste a lot of time. You need to while away your … Continue reading

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Medley from Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin

If you haven’t heard this brilliant medley from Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin, your Hindi film experience is incomplete. Yesterday, we ended up watching the film for a while on one of the tv channels, and I really loved the … Continue reading

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If you have time to kill..

Loads of time, that is, please go here. Klueless3 is truly time killing and hair pulling. For hints try this. Meanwhile I have a thesis to finish by August 28th. Which is why I am doing everything but actually working … Continue reading

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A Summer Day

The summer in this city is so fleeting that you don’t even invest in a summer wardrobe. Much as I whined my way through summers in Delhi and other cities, drowning in my own sweat and giddy-headed with dehydration, I … Continue reading

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Just 10 crores?

I am not sure about the numbers, but if 3 MPs are to be bought for 3.33 3 crores a head, it somehow seems like a very small sum given the scale of operations. Pandemonium gripped the Lok Sabha on … Continue reading

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Lalu’s Words

Impossible not to be impressed by Lalu Prasad Yadav’s oratory skills. The Lok Sabha is stunned into silence, punctuated by roaring laughter. For all his corruption and obvious flaws, this man knows how to talk to a big bunch of … Continue reading

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Thanks to IdeaSmith, I may have just got myself a lovely plugin.

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An entertaining Lok Sabha!

If you are bored, and are desperately seeking entertainment, I suggest you try and watch the live telecast of the discussion in the Lok Sabha today over the trust vote. Somnath Chatterjee looks like he’s about to get himself a … Continue reading

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What is she reading?

Spotted on the Bakerloo Line today. A woman reading. With intense concentration. I have no idea what she was reading. On the comments on flickr, a couple of people are guessing it’s a dictionary, but given that she was reading … Continue reading

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Heart Attacks, Patriotic Songs and Manoj Kumar

All this talk of Bollywood suddenly reminds me of one of the worst (in a very good and delightful way) pieces of cinema, starring Manoj Kumar. Clerk. For starters, Manoj Kumar is this annoyed “young” man who is constantly stubbing … Continue reading

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Bollywood Music from the 50s

I had the wonderful chance to catch Albela on television last weekend. The clean scrubbed sets of the 1950s clearly warm the heart. The songs of Albela are a real treasure. My friend didn’t seem to think too much of … Continue reading

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