Poem: Did he like cats?


After eventual heartbreak and
a few years. No longer the
core of each other’s waking
(or sleeping) hours.

They sometimes think of each
other. Wondering how you can
know the depths of one’s soul,
but not know the simpler things.

Like did he like cats, or dogs.
Or both. She replays certain
conversations, but is not very
sure. So she places a picture
of him, next to her cat.

The cat scratches its back on
the frame. She decides then,
to believe that he did indeed
have a fondness for the feline.

PS – Yes, yes. It lacks a lot. But I was too impatient with the idea.

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6 Responses to Poem: Did he like cats?

  1. mekhala says:

    that’s a splendid cat!


  2. Grasshopper says:

    Hey, Neha, Would you please teach me how to write poems?


  3. Gauri says:

    Not bad at all !! …Succinct and pretty abstract, in true Vish style.:)


  4. Nilu says:

    englis poonaya?


  5. Neetz says:

    good post


  6. mekhala: I agree. Beautiful, a bit on the large and fluffy side. Fairly shy. But what a poser!

    Grasshopper: Whatever you want babe! 🙂

    Gauri: I am succinct!? Mwah!

    Nilu: Scottish aagavum irukkalame

    Neetz: Thanks.


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