Heart Attacks, Patriotic Songs and Manoj Kumar

All this talk of Bollywood suddenly reminds me of one of the worst (in a very good and delightful way) pieces of cinema, starring Manoj Kumar. Clerk. For starters, Manoj Kumar is this annoyed “young” man who is constantly stubbing out cigarettes. But the most rib-splitting scene in this film is this – Manoj Kumar’s dad – Ashok Kumar has a heart attack. The doctor refuses to come to treat him. Manoj Kumar informs everyone that since he bought two batteries on his way home, he can save their father. We wait, our breath held, assuming maybe he’ll plug those batteries into something and make a defibrillator out of an ordinary household item – showing us how innovative Indians are.

Nope. He informs everyone that he’s going to play a patriotic song. Because his dad is so patriotic, his heart becomes okay, because his body wants to march to the song. So from his deathbed, Ashok Kumar starts madly waving his limbs and begins marching. Then, he commands that the casette player be stopped, as he is fit enough to sing on his own and that the others should join them. At this point, the various people in the room – some three men, one girl and the mom start marching to the song. My friend noticed that the girl was marching a bit further from everyone else – and said maybe she had her period, and the director made her act while maintaining the “purity” distance. That single comment had me laughing and wiping my tears off for the next ten minutes.

So here’s the fabulous video. I demand that you sit down to watch it.

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18 Responses to Heart Attacks, Patriotic Songs and Manoj Kumar

  1. aparna says:

    you had me in splits babe!


  2. Vasuki says:

    The most truly hilarious video I have seen in a long long time! Looking at Ashok Kumar’s weird expressions in the song, I am sure he was trying real hard to control his laughter at the heights of stupidity !! 🙂 ‘Clerk’ just got added to my ‘to watch’ list of ‘so bad its good’ movies, right on top with the other classic ‘Gunda’ 😀


  3. rads says:

    Since am at work, I suffered through not having to freely express my emotions unlike the rest o you! *bah

    Actually watching it on mute with the descriptive post provides quite some humor 🙂


  4. rads says:

    Like the rest of you! NOT Unlike. Need that coffee stat. :


  5. Kavi says:

    That cracked me up !


  6. dinu says:

    first time here .. so .. Hi .. 🙂
    trying to read more posts here …
    btw, I liked all your flickr images… r they copyright protected ? can I use them on blog ?


  7. Shefaly says:

    Don’t miss the wig on Mr Bharat…

    Since you can find all this, also see the title song where Mahendra Kapoor insists on pronouncing ‘clerk’ as ‘kilerk’… tut tut.


  8. mumbaigirl says:

    Hilarious. The things I learn from you. And why doesn’t his bed have a bedsheet?


  9. Gigi says:

    You are masochistic! 😉


  10. Neetz says:

    Good Blog….


  11. aparna: Glad to have helped you split a few seams there!

    Vasuki: I think Clerk is a genre of its own. I mean I think even Gunda doesn’t compare. And yes, I couldn’t decipher Ashok Kumar’s expressions either!

    rads: You get back home and watch it with full volume on!

    Kavi and Neetz: 🙂

    dinu: Just read up the license next to each of them – as long as credit is given and isn’t used for a commercial purpose – I am happy to have the photographs used anywhere.

    Shefaly: Oh yes! That marvelous crop of black thing on head!

    mumbaigirl: I think the point being made was that the family was too poor to get a bedsheet. That – or Ashok Kumar refused to trample on good linen!

    Gigi: Me? *furiously batting eyelids*


  12. Indisch says:

    Ha ha ha….
    I needn’t say anything… everything’s been said many times over.
    But I wonder who the casting director was for such a movie! Maybe the others couldn’t refuse to act, it being a Manoj Kumar production.


  13. Neha says:

    ROTFL!!!! This is hilarious!!! Ohh yes.. dont miss Balram’s dramatic dialog delivery!!! So funny!!!! quintessential Mr. Bharat!


  14. vidya says:

    The mixer effects where they all clone into five people were delightful! Thanks for the link.


  15. Pratik Bubna says:

    lolz…tht was hilarious…anbd i thought nothing could beat tashan!!


  16. lallopallo says:

    OMG..this video was sooooo hilarious..lol..This video along with your description and then follow up comments had me laughing for a while.
    I cannot believe that I watched this movie as a kid, probably twice, and even thought then that it was a decent movie….omg
    I watched couple of other manoj kumar videos too on you tube after this video and it made my day..lol….manoj kumar really rocks!!!


  17. May be Ashok Kumar just had gas problem and Manoj Kumar knew it :).


  18. Suresh Kumar says:

    LOL. 🙂
    During its starting years, Sony used to air this show presented by Sajid Khan I presume, where they presented such ‘beautiful’ and ‘unforgettable’ scenes.


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