An entertaining Lok Sabha!

If you are bored, and are desperately seeking entertainment, I suggest you try and watch the live telecast of the discussion in the Lok Sabha today over the trust vote.

Somnath Chatterjee looks like he’s about to get himself a cane, and punish the errant and talkative MPs with five lashings a piece. Manmohan Singh looks like he’s about to crawl under his desk and weep. Omar Abdullah takes out a pen and starts writing whenever the camera focuses on him.

And man, can Advani talk! As long as they don’t get into the rhetoric of referring to the Mango-Man (aka Aam Aadmi), it’s all good.

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8 Responses to An entertaining Lok Sabha!

  1. Piyush pandey says:

    Yes, You are absolutely right. Loksabha is very interesting. And most interesting fact is that most of the MP’s who are talking about national interest are tainted. They even don’t know about atomic deal but know another deal…so are available in Loksabha otherwise they have not seen since last so many days. Lok sabha will be on till Tuesday if anybody,doesn’t have money for Film or Play can watch Loksabha.This is also very much entertaining…..


  2. Yuva says:

    laloo video’s in youtube about railway budget speech is fab… funny.;)


  3. Arjun Prabhu says:

    It was funny as hell! Some of the comments by the speaker were too funny! πŸ™‚ … specially in the bengali hindi πŸ™‚ hahaha

    Ironically, in the past Somnath Chatterjee used to do the same stuff that the others were/are doing!


  4. Nikita says:

    To rubbish the political process is a fairly typical urban middle class response to a process that we dominate, benefit greatly from and also want to distance ourselves from as dirty, stupid, tainted etc.
    If you actually watched the Lok Sabha debate today, much of it was excellent. The points were well made and were representative of the different political and ideological perspectives that make up our vibrant democratic spectrum.


  5. Nikita: Entertainment is not the same thing as rubbish. But yes, the urban middle class loves to pontificate and assume intellectual arrogance. Including considering entertainment too demeaning for their consumption. Welcome to the urban middle class.


  6. Lekhni says:

    Uh, oh, I heard a lot today about how entertaining it was to watch Somnath Chatterjee. I didn’t know it was available on NDTV 😦


  7. Ankur says:

    I propose PVR cinema get the rights to the Parliament proceedings and launch it as a movie in theatres…that’ll be a tragi-comedy like no other!


  8. Shefaly says:

    @ Nikita:

    “..fairly typical urban middle class response to a process that we dominate..”. Really? The urban middle class dominate the political process in India?

    That is why I guess the BJP did not win despite India Shining etc.

    Just wondering..

    @ Neha:

    I think like many political traditions – including ‘whips’ – the Indian Parliament has also retained the British Parliament’s tradition of debate with histrionics, embellishing it with a Bollywood-type flavour complete with drama and irrelevant characters for comic value. πŸ™‚

    What is happening may be nail-biting – or funny – for many but is an illustration of the sausage-making process of politics.

    And to think people think it is a matter of pride to say “I don’t do politics”…


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