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Look Ma, I finished the dissertation!

Ze dissertation is over. At long last. It has been printed. Bound. The electronic copy uploaded. Now I shall go and hand in the physical evidence of my time wasting tactics to the department. I find it hard to believe … Continue reading

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Poem: In Andhra

On the train, we stop at Vizag, and they load the dinner trays. We know it is Andhra. My eyes water. Everything is spicy. Every morsel burns the tongue. The inside of my heart, and throat burn. I curse the … Continue reading

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Woh Shaam

Mood music for mid-week late-evening suspended by strings moment.

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Lalita – 2

I cannot get Lali out of my head for now. It’s impossible to articulate what she meant. That it was in the mundane nature of our conversations that saved me. I’ve never spoken to a stronger person. There she was, … Continue reading

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It’s hard to make sense of this. Wonderful, wistful.. lovely Lalita passed away today. I don’t quite know how to express grief for her. I’ve never actually met her. When her son came to stay at our place for a … Continue reading

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A blog that keeps an eye on Hartals. Awesome. I suppose they would never really run out material. On that note, the dissertation is going well. I have more or less written what I wanted to, and now am sitting … Continue reading

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Good Tamil Baby – Loves Ilayaraja and Idli

WA, Prema and Prema’s little one – Avni went out for an Independence Day Special lunch today to East Ham. Among other things, it was Avni’s first time in a Tam restaurant. WA and I pulled Prema’s leg nonstop about … Continue reading

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