About the Dissertation.. Finally!

The last two days have been rather productive. I’ve written (in sheer words) about 66% of the dissertation. After a rather bumpy beginning, things seem to be shaping up. (Touchwood!)

A couple of you wrote to me asking what this mighty dissertation was about. Well, since I feel more comfortable with the topic, I feel pretty okay discussing it now. My study is looking at the rise of Bangalore as an IT centre. Nothing earth shattering. But the interesting bit is that the more I began to read and talk to people, the interesting period in Bangalore’s history appears to be between 1950 and 1990. While the big turning point comes in 1985 with Texas Instruments setting up an offshoring arrangement out of Bangalore, things had been moving in Bangalore’s favour for quite a while.

Everybody has pet theories about Bangalore. From its wonderful weather, to the mushrooming of engineering colleges in South India. Interestingly enough, weather plays a role, but more so in the 19th century! I didn’t think the study was going to turn out to be this interesting, but so far, there have been a lot of surprises. Including the role of the government. We like to think that Bangalore’s rise was despite the government. Well, not really. Government did play a role – but unlike its usual interfering policies that distort the market, this time around it was more supportive, especially in the 1960s. And even when it did distort the market in the 1970s, it had a strangely positive outcome.

The next ten days are pretty crucial, and I hope to have the ten thousand odd words neatly printed, bound and submitted. Here’s to a productive week. On that note, I am taking the day off!

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  1. All the best. Told you – all the writing happens in one big spurt when the moment of inspiration/panic strikes πŸ™‚ Also, as I realised, 10K words aren’t all THAT many when the moment does strike.
    Very interesting topic by the way – URP dept.?


  2. rads says:

    oh, bangalore IT dissertation eh? I’d never have imagined! πŸ™‚
    Goody though! Write write. And o, what’s your side of the world doing for 15th? Anything different from what Hawkeye posted! Wearing the tricolors? πŸ™‚


  3. Rada says:

    At least you seem to be enjoying the subject of your dissertation. Most people I know, after living day in and day out with the same topic, starts really hating it & somehow wants the damn thing over and done with! πŸ™‚

    All the best!


  4. Gauri says:

    Good luck !! Am sure you’ll emerge a winner. BTW where will the post dissertation celebration be – london / mumbai? πŸ™‚


  5. maxdavinci says:

    wow, it’s a very interesting topic and not some geeky stuff like mine. I cant even tell people what my dissertation was about, they go blank even before I finish my first sentence.

    You can proudly tell peopl wat who have done and they won’t fall asleep!

    good luck….


  6. Sneha says:

    I’m about one-third through mine.. 35 pages to go!

    All the best to you with yours.. I wish mine were half as interesting to write about!


  7. Shefaly says:


    “My study is looking at the rise of Bangalore as an IT centre. Nothing earth shattering.”

    An understanding of causation is pretty earth-shattering, even if in retrospect. Futures would be nothing if we did not understand the confluence of factors that made/ make something happen. So – as an interested party, one who did her doctoral work in causation and decision-making – I would say it would be pretty earth-shattering. At the end of it, you will know more about most mealy-mouthed-cliche-spluttering folk about the Bangalore phenomenon and you will understand more about causation than many development theoreticians might. Don’t hide your light under a bushel πŸ˜‰


  8. Shefaly says:

    Oh and can I get a copy to read please? πŸ™‚ Thanks.


  9. mumbaigirl says:

    Would love to read it.


  10. Patrix says:

    If you had mentioned it earlier, I had a bunch of stuff I had used for a Masters paper during my Public Policy days. You can look it up on Google Scholar though if you wish but it might be too late. But good luck! I wish I could write 66% of my dissertation in two days… would graduate next month πŸ™‚


  11. ilegirl says:

    I’m enjoying reading your blog.

    Congratulations on making such impressive progress on the dissertation in such a short period of time! The topic sounds interesting.


  12. sajith says:

    I’m only booking a copy.


  13. Good luck with you dissert……am booking a copy when you publish


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