Good Tamil Baby – Loves Ilayaraja and Idli

WA, Prema and Prema’s little one – Avni went out for an Independence Day Special lunch today to East Ham. Among other things, it was Avni’s first time in a Tam restaurant. WA and I pulled Prema’s leg nonstop about the ambitious post she had written once about her aspirations for her daughter.

First off, little Avni has her mum wrapped around her finger. Prema will be absolutely unable to refuse anything Avni wants. The other thing, Avni is a stubborn little kid, and whenever Prema says – “No you can’t have that”, the little one is all the more adamant on getting her hands on the banned object.

So while Prema didn’t really want her kid to get involved with music, Avni insisted on dancing to all the Tam songs which we played for her at home. Through an astute system of elimination, we have figured out that she’s a big Ilayaraja fan. Any number from the 70s and 80s with the hint of 16 beats and synth has her jumping up and down. (She doesn’t quite stand yet, so you have to hold her upright while she does the jumping.)

I love Idli

But here was the BEST part of the day. While Prema attempted force feeding Avni Cow and Gate blandness, Avni promptly spat it out or cheated. Or just pursed her lips so tight, that the spoon could barely graze her lips. We then tried to give Avni idlis, vadais and dosai. Which she promptly gobbled up. Her tiny hands were just aching to get to all the plates. Anything with salt in it. She loved it! At one point Prema asked -Avni do you want your mum or idli. We don’t know if Avni understood anything, but she promptly reached out for the plate with the idlis on it. Aha! She opened her mouth WIDE everytime an idli was nearby.

This little one – she loves Ilayaraja, likes her idlis. If that is not Tree-Tamil, what is?

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14 Responses to Good Tamil Baby – Loves Ilayaraja and Idli

  1. Shefaly says:

    I think giving children a variety of flavours – as opposed to boiled gunk or sweet things (from mother’s milk to fruit to yoghurts – helps even the finicky ones eat more 🙂

    I like idli and ilayaraja (whatever I have heard) but I assure you I am not a good Tamil baby 😉


  2. Shefaly: I think the Brit doctors are rather finicky about what babies can be given. 🙂 Think of Idli and Ilayaraja as a Venn diagram. Good Tamil Babies are a subset, but other subsets can exist!!


  3. WA says:

    Isn’t she adorable.

    Got to save a copy of that post by Prema:)


  4. Adithya says:

    Tried thayir sadam?


  5. Shefaly says:

    @ Neha

    You will be surprised at the lack of advice in this area. When a child isn’t eating enough properly, doctors suggest psychological measures (with no consensus; some say don’t force, others say don’t negotiate, yet others say routine-routine) but say nothing concrete about flavours or foods.

    My neighbour’s child wasn’t eating so she asked me to observe (yes, I don’t know why either). Then I asked her if she would eat the gunk she served them day after day… I understand queasiness over salt but there are 3 other tastes apart from salt and sweet (not counting ‘boiled and tasteless’). Desi bachchas routinely eat what their parents eat and there aren’t many issues. Oh and that kid next door likes my cooking. :-/ No surprises there.


  6. mumbaigirl says:

    Sad I wasn’t there 😦


  7. Premalatha says:


    What about Avni’s nice aunties? 🙂

    We had nice time. Avni enjoyed it. Her dance to Ilayaraja’s music was the proof. Avni loves idlis. Tree Tamil indeed. 🙂

    MG, let me know when you are back. we will have another idli session.


  8. Gigi says:

    Glad the child is so sporting! Pediatricians here ask you to avoid dairy for a year and yes put lots of restrictions on food.


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  10. Krishnan says:

    Nowadays good Tamil babes splurge on pizzas and burgers and look at poor idlis with disdain. But any day idli is king !


  11. Nilu says:

    Varungala muthal amaichhar, puratchi puyal, engal vidi velli….she is just 2 padams away from Ft St George.


  12. Well I am proud of a fellow Tamil who has the same tastes.


  13. Sriram says:

    Eating idli does not make her tree. For that she has to shoo tigers with the murram.


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