Rock On!

Someone please tell me why there is such a fuss about this film? Sure, it’s nice to see a “different” film. And it would indeed be nice if the film was even mildly music-oriented.

For a film that is about rocking and rock music, the soundtrack was nearly awful. I mean the songs that are playing in the film actually help you understand why the band didn’t perform for a long time. They were bad. They weren’t creative. They randomly picked riffs and thought they were jamming. One of them had a nauseating wife who didn’t appear to have a life of her own. The only songs that were actually nice were the ones played by other bands.

Well.. some spoilers. Not that it matters really.

Story Outline: Four very annoying people. Hang out in jeep with groupies. Wear sunglasses. Wear stuff on hair. Sing once in a while. Ego clash. Break up. Come back many years later. One guy dies. Another walks out of a cab in a traffic jam and manages to join the group performing live somewhere or the other. Yawn!

Here’s what I know about the “rockers” from university type settings. I used to be in an insignificant band myself and we did mostly covers. We were kids from middle class families who had deadlines, had bad hair, limited pocket money and deluded ourselves with the idea that we were somehow very talented. See, had this film been about delusions of talent and coming to terms with life outside the inter-Uni competitions, it would have made a lot more sense.

Plus, if the film is about music, is it too much to ask for a little accuracy. They have “live performances”, and the director tries to give it a Dire Straits silhouette touch. Apparently they trained for this film and all. Which is really weird given that they don’t show a bass guitarist in sight, despite the songs having strong basslines. Someone please explain the ghostly member who played those bits okay? Then there was the guy on the synth who kept pounding his fingers on the keyboard. And the rock is so soft, it puts birthday cakes to shame.

The rock scene that I remember from the 2000 era was hard. There was nothing soft about those years. This film on the other hand, limply claims to be about music and all.

Yawn On!

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11 Responses to Rock On!

  1. Nilu says:

    Back to form a?


  2. sajith says:

    There’s nothing like a fabulous rant to warm your heart!


  3. dipali says:

    Ah, I’m ignorant enough to have enjoyed it thoroughly!


  4. Aha so finally a lady who has not gone all ga-ga over Farhan Akhtar in Rock On (Is an extrapolation from your review though).

    Have not watched the movie but I liked the shot in the trailer where a trying-hard-to-keep-a-straight-face Farhan Akhtar is singing “Saanson ki Zaroorat hai Jaise” at some dandiya nite. Reminded me of a good friend of mine who plays the synthesizer and had a band here in Bangalor. Poor chap would always crib about the audience invariably requesting something like “Words” by Boyzone.

    And you were part of a rock band, too good….


  5. Its a compromise – between trying to be a rock-n-roll movie, and still being a Hindi movie.


  6. surabhi says:

    am here because of space bar’s near nervous breakdown, and your near escape!

    “And the rock is so soft, it puts birthday cakes to shame. ”
    perfectly put!
    i know some young kids who have formed a band and the lead guy wanted to name it septic tank or septic love. at that age, music is about deep deep angst i thought…:) ( and thank god some never grow out of their septic love phase)


  7. Dijo says:

    T don’t think it had much to do with music anyways.. Seemed more like a movie about the choices you make.
    Or maybe i just need a lame reason to convince myself that those 160 bucks were not spent for nothing.

    “And the rock is so soft, it puts birthday cakes to shame. ” Bang on target.


  8. Hehhh says:

    Farhan Akhtar/S/E/L: I have no problems if you want to make a pastiche “follow your dreams” kinda movie. Though I thought Jhankaar Beats had the right idea, of having Juhi.

    It is even OK that you say “it reflects what we believed in as kids, y’know, Whitesnake”. (Half of those hard rock idjits were Aryan biker racists who’d puke if they knew kaalu Indians like you aped them, but go ahead and pretend). You grew up in a disconnect with the country you were born in, hey, as they say in your lands, whatever rocks your boat.

    However, when you adopt that sneering tone and say” We’ve kept our music totally where we came from. No dhol, no punjaabi, just rock”, then I want to stamp your smug faces into the soft squelch that comes when the gutters overflow during monsoons. Cos where you “came from, y’now” is not ffing the USA. It is our own Bharat Varsh. We’re pretty much happy with our dhols and blings and Bappi Lahiris. Keep your snotnosed Anglicisation to your pansy world and we’ll even watch you in multiplexes.But don’t ffing dare to sneer at us, you misbegotten whelps of a Westernised upper class in an Indian world.

    Negah maami, sitta naakka pidungra maadiri (indha maadiri) ezhuthalaamilla ?


  9. maxdavinci says:

    And I thought that I was the only one who felt the movie was over-rated.

    * kicks everyone who called him insane *


  10. zep says:

    I guess the movie’s lakshanam (worthiness?) was apparent as soon as I listened to the music and saw some of the stills on one of those whatchamacallit websites.

    Thank God I read your post… cos at some point i’d have seen this movie, just because it said ‘rock on’.

    (regular lurker here… first time commenter)

    Jhankaar Beats, i felt was a much better wannabe band movie…however quite silly at times…



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