Life Update

I started working with Global Voices in 2005. I’ve seen the project grow from a rather tiny blog to something that spills offline and it has introduced me to some of the most fascinating people I’ve ever known.

But it’s time for some change, and so from the coming Monday, I will no longer be the Regional Editor For South Asia at Global Voices Online. There are business cards to be thrown out, descriptions to be changed and other such things. I needed to move on, and have been looking for work in other corners (and even countries)!

But Global Voices has been an integral part of life since 2005. I will continue to volunteer with them, and write a post every fortnight hopefully. The other sad part is that I am going to have to aggressively prune my feedreader. At 3000+ feeds, at least 3/4ths will disappear soon enough. Among the Indian blogs, I am going to have figure out who I prefer reading.

So yes, here’s to three years and more than 3500 posts with GVO. So long, and thanks for all the links!

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9 Responses to Life Update

  1. Banno says:

    Here’s to new beginnings.


  2. Nilu says:

    Aren’t these blog type things so passe?


  3. WA says:

    Yep, here is to new beginnings.

    3000+ feeds? Enakku thalaiya suthudhu


  4. Premalatha says:

    Here is to new beginnings.

    enakkum thalai suthuthu.


  5. Tanvir says:

    I felt sad, still here is to new beginning. Hope you shine in your new endeavor.


  6. rads says:

    To new beginnings. Good luck 🙂


  7. Praveen says:

    good luck


  8. Sheetal says:

    All the best, Neha. I’ve been reading some of your contributions at despundit. 3000+ feeds is way too many – have you been actually reading so many of them? Even with 3/4th out, it’ll be still around 750 blogs! Let me know some Indian blogs you read – I have been checking for Indian blogs. All the best for your new start!


  9. oh man.. I feel sad 😐

    and good luck!


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