“Sadhana Cut” and My Mom

Reading a very charming post on Indiequill today, a sudden urge to let a certain family cat out of bag. My mother, the eldest of four was a rather strong child. She threw her tantrums and the other three were wrapped around her finger.

At some point in time Sadhana was a very famous actress. My mother convinced her younger sister (my chitti) who must have been around 12 years old that the Sadhana cut (a very bad fringe) would look nice on her. My chitti, gullible and younger, agreed. My mother proceeded to give her a bad haircut of epic proportions.

Sadhana CutI think it took my chitti quite a while to grow out of that bad haircut. Apparently she started weeping once she saw the mirror. Tempers at home flared apparently, with my grandfather’s being the worst.

I get the feeling that more than being angry with my mom, he was angry with my chitti for being so trusting. Despite knowing what a rogue my mother could be.

I just wish someone had taken a photograph of chitti at that point. With her “Sadhana cut”. On the other hand, what this really proves, is that I am what I am because my mother is my mother. I am going to blame all my stubbornness, absurd ideas and the eccentricities on her. Okay?

PS – Wait, my dad already does that!

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9 Responses to “Sadhana Cut” and My Mom

  1. Prasoon says:

    I am going to blame all my stubbornness, absurd ideas and the eccentricities on her. Okay? – hehehe – perfectly Okay 🙂

    Hilarious post. Nice.


  2. Jairam says:

    He he he,

    I pretty much credit (and discredit) my entire personality to what and how my parents are (and have been) throughout all the years that I have known them.

    So I guess we are both sailing in the same ship, and I bet you that we can find lots of others in the same ship.



  3. Banno says:

    Funny. Also, what a coincidence but another hair post on the chasing iamb. Also very funny. Take a look if you are interested at



  4. mumbaigirl says:

    Have been the victim of such a hair cut at the hands of a relative. Went around with a giant halo of hair for days. Your poor chitti!


  5. Shefaly says:

    Don’t you mean the ‘Audrey Hepburn-esque’ cut?


  6. AVantika says:

    My sister recently got a very expensive haircut. The ‘hair stylist’ gave her a fringe of which she was very excited about. All the excitement went poof, when, for the next 3 days, all she heard was ‘Sadhana’ cut!!!
    I think the Sadhana cut is something that is an inside joke for the entire country and never will a fringe ever be seen without remembering the yesteryears actress.


  7. ray says:

    Hi ,

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    This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. 🙂



  8. Madras Chick says:

    OMG! I tried the same thing with my unsuspecting and over trusting sister too. Looks like a lot of the older ones made the younger ones guinea pigs 😀

    But of course we Madrasis didn’t know about Sadhana or her popular(?!) cut. I was trying to give my sis the “Ambika bangs” which was so popular at that time (have you seen her movies with Kamal?). Was that a disaster or what! t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e. My sis must still hate me for that.


  9. Amrita says:

    Hahah, I wanted a Sadhana cut when I was a kid! I begged and begged my my mom and she wouldn’t let me, the big meanie. The most fun i got was when i decided to “shape my eyebrows” by using a pair of scissors. so now i have eyebrows with hair that refuses to grow in any way but straight up. My mother is satisfied.


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