Poem: Made for Each Other

Having established that they
could have been siblings, the
lovers now play mother to
one another. Gentle pats.

On the forehead, and the
other’s eyelids drop. Quiet.
On some days, she says,
you are really my mother.

Like when you rub Vicks
on my cold-ridden chest.
Or when you hold my head
in your rather manly lap.

Some lovers are made
for each other. But some,
they become like mothers.
Made of each other.

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10 Responses to Poem: Made for Each Other

  1. Nilu says:

    See, you got greedy.

    You should have taken my advice or waited for a week at least. However good this is, it will merely be that. Since the great has been established in the previous poem.


  2. Ankur says:

    The other side of what you have articulated, Neha, might be this-

    Where are we headed to right now?

    As the sounds drown out the voices within

    The sweet amber acquires possession of the senses

    Nevertheless, the pain would travel to where we go

    To enhance the soul with ceaseless entreaties

    Or merely take away the joy?

    Once the soul dived in waters that seemed fathoms deep

    Now, what engulfs the liquid tension within

    With the semblance of a shape?

    The music begs for a sustained release

    The frets beckon in ascending chromatic agony

    She thought she had lost the freedom to dive

    He articulated with a soundless descent

    Where are we headed to now?

    And what do we do today?


  3. Nilu says:

    Ankur, yaravathu kettala? Kelambu, kaathu varattum.


  4. mayz says:

    reminded of a blog fren i had…she was so dotin…i got used to her being arnd…she kinda became my muse for most of my posts…but then she vanished n now i feel lost…kinda scared too in blogville


  5. Ankur says:


    First, I don’t know Tamil. Second, I DID get it translated by a friend.
    Third, if I understand you correctly, I should not come/speak/reply unless asked. Fourth, I appreciate your concern.



  6. Neha says:

    Ankur: Thanks for coming by, and I am sorry about Nilu’s words. Ignore him.

    Nilu: Seruppu adi. In my blog only I get to be rude to people, okay?


  7. Nilu says:

    Mudiyathu. I will also.


  8. Ankur says:

    Neha, thanks to you for writing such wonderful poetry, which inspires me to at least attempt to make meaning out of life by expressing myself. And in fact I’m thankful to Nilu, for his words prompted me to get in touch with an old Tamil friend whom I had not interacted with in a long time. 🙂


  9. Oh but this is beautiful! And so relatable. Loved the previous one too.


  10. Sharanya says:

    I love this!!! 🙂


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