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Poem: Why Mosquitoes Bite Her

She shows me the red bumps angry on her skin. She has been bitten. Mosquitoes chase her everywhere. Her blood is sweet. She scratches the bumps and I try to make her feel better. Kannamma, some send pigeons, and others … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment: A Starched Shirt

He likes his shirts starched and well pressed. Pure cotton shirts, creaseless, like a baby’s bottom. She does it for him. She doesn’t mind ironing. There’s almost something hypnotic about watching the creases vanish under the ironing box. Today morning … Continue reading

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In Delhi

Blasts in Delhi. We’re okay. Shaken though. CP is where my sis and I have been nearly everyday for the last week and a half. Not that it means anything. Just shocked really.

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Chitrahaar For The Woodstock Soul

On an afternoon like this, I sometimes think of how I mixed a tape for you. Perhaps the songs were not your style. Or maybe the red heart on the cover was a bit much for you. Absurd afternoon. I … Continue reading

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Life Update

I started working with Global Voices in 2005. I’ve seen the project grow from a rather tiny blog to something that spills offline and it has introduced me to some of the most fascinating people I’ve ever known. But it’s … Continue reading

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Kadai: Her Love and A Mongrel

Kavya smokes. But not like a chimney. She smokes because she must keep her mouth busy. For as long as she cannot kiss Anant, her lips feel the constant need to do something. She then talks instead. But the nervousness … Continue reading

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An evening with SG

I’ve never talked of SG. I spent a lovely evening in Hyderabad with her family, and the funny thing is, that at the end of the day, there was no recurring bout of nostalgia. SG was my English teacher for … Continue reading

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Protected: A Friend

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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A rant on Blogging and Difficult Hearts

Some hearts are constantly in kashtam (mushkil). I cannot think of a suitable word in English really. How does one translate manasu kashtam. Manasu = Heart. Kashtam = Troubled? Difficult? Complicated? For some reason in an absurdly feverishly cloudy mood. … Continue reading

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Rock On!

Someone please tell me why there is such a fuss about this film? Sure, it’s nice to see a “different” film. And it would indeed be nice if the film was even mildly music-oriented. For a film that is about … Continue reading

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3 AM Mood Music

Because Joplin comes alive at night, here’s a little Me and Bobby McGee. It’s perfect for yesterday and tonight, for reasons that are beyond anyone’s comprehension.

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Delhi: Kind and Rude

It strikes you sometimes, the random kindness of strangers. These random acts, by themselves insignificant except for a certain moment. Like when you are climbing the steps of a narrow tower, and you find yourself face to face with someone … Continue reading

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