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A cryptic message

In the end – what really counts? Intentions or actions? Or this, hidden messages in songs posted on a blog? S&G to soothe the soul right now. When you’re down and out, When you’re on the street, When evening falls … Continue reading

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Possibly my most favourite song ever. Am sort of listening to it on endless repeat. Fearless by Pink Floyd. Meddle is the one album that I fell in love with instantly. It’s an album that doesn’t really feature in conversations … Continue reading

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A Table

From my childhood to the point I actually left home and rented my own place – we’ve moved through six homes. Well, we’re in the sixth one now. My parents are, that is. Over the years, some pieces of furniture … Continue reading

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Words 5: school canteen, painting, glowworms, brandy

Kitchu and Vitchu were friends from very young. Or perhaps they weren’t. They didn’t really play together as children, or even know each other’s families. But the familiarity of the situation and the shared memories of afternoons, festivals and grandmothers … Continue reading

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Minor Annoyances: All of you All

Why do people from a certain city that I otherwise love make me cringe everytime they say “All of you all are fabulous ” or “You all are fabulous“, when they are talking to a sum total of two people? … Continue reading

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Words 4: Mumbai, freeriding, separation, glass

Words: Glass, freeriding, Mumbai, separation This was the curse of IT firms. They had offices in Bangalore. And many of those who worked in the glass-kissed buildings were from places like Mumbai and Delhi. The ones from Madras were alright. … Continue reading

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I need a monkey

I think I am going to get myself a pet monkey. This follows the discovery that no matter how much your spouse/ lover adores you, they only put up with a limited number of scratch-my-back requests. You can emotionally blackmail … Continue reading

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