While in Liverpool

In Liverpool, the city centre is so swanky, you don’t think this is the docks filled port town that you’ve read about. But on the outskirts the decay begins to show. I couldn’t spend too much time there or do my Beatles pilgrimage. I was there on work and it was a day long trip. But I had some time to walk about in the evening, and then again at night.

So last night, while a colleague and I were getting back to where we were staying, after dinner… it was nearly midnight. Two women, rather skimpily dressed came and asked us if we knew where a certain club or something was. Even the name sounded vague. We said no, and kept walking. They followed us for some 50 meters, and suddenly one of them screamed.

“Look!! That girl’s wearin’ a real short skirt. We should follow ‘er.”

Second girl, astounded by the genius.

“Yeah! And the skirt’s real short too. Let’s go.”

They started following her. Somehow, one of the best ever conversations about road directions I’ve heard in a while.

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9 Responses to While in Liverpool

  1. Shefaly says:


    Once upon a time hemlines used to rise and fall with stock indices; now it seems it is the size not the hemlines.


  2. km says:

    I couldn’t too much time there or do my Beatles pilgrimage

    I hope you are filled with shame and remorse.

    //those clubbers – you sure they weren’t Thomson and Thompson?


  3. WA says:


    Few years ago we ended up spending an afternoon in Liverpool. The docks reminded me of St.Katherine’s dock. I think its a cool city, that afternoon I was so tempted to buy an apartment and move there. Totally fell in love with the place.


  4. Banno says:

    I think they had good judgement. I’m sure they did reach wherever they wanted to, or some place similar. 🙂


  5. Nilu says:

    WA, athavathu, you walk around in a new city and if you fancy it, you buy a house there.

    Intha pana thimir engenthu varuthu?


  6. WA says:

    Lol. I wasn’t tempted to move there, but the docks looked so gorgeous that I wanted to move there. Then I realised I can’t afford to, seriyaa? Now stop picking on people.


  7. Gauri says:

    LOL ! Hillarious ..am kind of hoping that the one with the short skirt was lost and therefore didnt know where she was going 😉


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  9. Shefaly: Such profundity. 🙂

    km: I am sorry. I shall say ten “Hey Judes”.

    WA: There was something definitely likeable about Liverpool. Quite liked bits of it. Though one has to wonder how all the cities look exactly the same, given that their High Streets mirror each other, right down to the order of the stores!

    Banno: Yes. I think it was quick thinking. Given that there were other women in short skirts, these girls spotted the shortest one in a flip second.

    Nilu: You don’t talk. You probably own two orchards.

    Gauri: How cruel! 🙂 It’s a bit like us following “the slightly less shady guy” when out on fieldwork.


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